The issue of flip-flopping cases is continuously heating up. And now, another controversy looms over our judicial system. This only means one thing – it is getting rampant and may soon affect even the administration of the President.

Justice Scale

Now, to give you some light on this not so new occurrence, the case that was reopened was that of Efren Alvarez, a former Mayor of Munoz, Nueva Ecija. 2 courts including the Supreme Court, found him guilty of violating the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act as well as junked all motions for reconsideration. It was proven and there are records which show that the bidding for the construction of a local mall was unjustly awarded to an Australian construction company, one that has no license from the Philippine Construction Accreditation Board, no experience and no financial qualifications.

Alvarez was then sentenced to 6-10 years of imprisonment and was disqualified from holding any public office. Again, the decision was final and executory and was entered in the Book of Entries and Judgments on Aug. 29, 2012.

Now, what I’m driving at here is that this is the 2nd case in a row that I have read about the flip-flop issues in the judiciary. Is it possible that there is yet another unheard 3rd or 4th or even many other cases that were reopened and decisions were changed? Why were the final decisions broken?

There are many people who are slowly losing faith in our justice system. If more issues like these resurface, the judiciary will always be in the spotlight and put in bad light.