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7 Essentials for a Family Cycling Day

Cycling is one of the best leisure activities that a family can enjoy together, as it encompasses a healthy lifestyle, loads of fun and something that the whole family can be involved in. Whether you decide to hit the park for the day, embark on the journey of a lifetime or just go to your local bike paths, be sure to pack these family essentials for your journey.


Pre-Cycling Day Check
A week before your big day, perform a routine check of every bike. While bikes should be serviced annually, you can perform a basic check at home, ensuring that the tires are inflated, the chain has been lubricated and that there are no dangerous riding faults.

Car Racks
If you’re planning a long journey to your chosen destination, be sure to select reliable bike racks for your car. While cheaper alternatives may be tempting, only reputable brands will provide you with a safe mode of transportation for your bicycles.

Plenty of Water
While it may sound like an obvious one, on any family outings, particularly a physical activity such as cycling, be sure to come prepared with lots of water. When venturing on physically strenuous family activities, it is always important to stay hydrated and healthy.

The Right Bikes for Everyone
Particularly with children, it is important that everyone is equipped with the right size bike for their body. Using an ill-fitting bike can pose a number of safety risks, hindering the enjoyment of your family outing. Merida bikes offers a wide selection of bikes, suitable for every member of your family; so be sure to select the right bike for you and your kids, before hitting the tracks.

Bike Locks
If you’re planning an adventure that involves a few stop overs along the way, always take quality locks to ensure that your bikes are secured for your journey. Quality bike locks start from around AUD$15, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

First Aid Kit
While you always hope that no accidents will occur on a regular family outing, it is always better to be prepared than to be left stranded with no medical equipment available. When cycling, it is often a case of preparing yourself, as many bike tracks are miles away from the nearest stores or facilities. Packing a basic first aid kit will help to cover you for those minor bumps and scrapes that often come with cycling.

Lots of Smiles!
When all is said and done, the most essential thing for our family cycling day is lots of laughter and smiles. Take your family on a journey that they’ll always remember, with breathtaking views and fun activities along the way.

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  1. md Kennedy says:

    I have found that saddlebags on at leas one bike in the family are indispensable for holding everything would normally have in our pockets, as well as the emergency bike and body kit.

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