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Will I Bond with My Baby? Common Questions About Donated Eggs

The love and devotion every parent feels when they welcome their child into the world help solidify their relationship and bond. While many steps must take place prior to bringing your child home, one of the most important is to ensure you’re working with a qualified team of professionals. Before you move any further, here are some common questions to ask your trusted egg donor bank team at

What does it take to bond with my baby?

The bond between mother and child is an amazing connection no other relationship can replicate. What’s so incredible is it doesn’t require a genetic connection. Your bond begins with the desire to start a family and care for a child. That desire quickly shifts to love, and love knits a family together.


The anxiety, fear or even excitement you may feel at the very notion of being a mother is normal. Even mothers who’ve traditionally conceived feel nervous about bonding with their baby. Your feelings prove you’re already on the motherhood track.

How do I know if using an egg donor is for me?

This is a question only you can answer; however, knowing as much as possible and airing your concerns with a counselor or trained specialist will ease your hesitations. Some women choose to start a family after they’ve established a career, and others may not have found the right partner until later in life. Just because those life paths prolonged having a family doesn’t mean these families can’t have children. Everyone deserves to share their love with a child.

Your reason for delaying motherhood doesn’t matter; with a little help, it’s still within reach.  When using donor eggs, you have control over whose eggs you use, whether they are fresh or frozen, and whether you want to begin right away or wait a few months. This allows you to prepare and plan for the IVF process.

How do I choose my egg donor?

Once you make the decision to use donated eggs, it’s time to consider donor selection and how you’ll filter through available donors. It’s important to consider your priorities—do you value hair and eye color over education level? Perhaps you are drawn to donors who share similar interests as you. You may feel overwhelmed if you begin your donor selection process without knowing your preferences. It’s important to be honest with yourself and your partner. You’ll not only play an integral role in carrying your baby but by choosing a donor with the characteristics and traits most important to both of you, you’ll have the chance to shape the kind of person your baby ends up being.

Some women choose to use a donor they already have a connection with, which is possible as long as the donor passes the screening tests established by their clinic. Keep in mind this can be a tricky situation, especially if you choose to share your children’s origins with them as they age. It’s imperative to talk through any course of action you consider with a counselor or trained specialist.


Will my other children bond with a new baby?

No matter how many children you have at home or how they were conceived, it’s likely they will bond with a new baby. Infants grow through touch, language, sight, and sound. They are engaged in their surroundings, curious about the world, and their interaction with all family members helps bonds develop.

Encouraging sibling interaction is just as important for bonding. There are many ways siblings can bond. Older siblings can read to the baby or help with diaper changes; younger children can help with bottle feedings or sing songs. Remember, bonding is not a process which happens within minutes – it’s a rewarding lifelong process for every member of your family.

Your questions should guide you through the process

It’s important to listen to your conscience and verbalize your questions with those involved in your fertility journey. It’s completely normal to feel a roller coaster of emotions. The more upfront you can be prior to beginning the IVF process, the more at ease you’ll be as you prepare for your baby.

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