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Ways to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House

If you feel like you are doing more than your fair share around the house, you are not alone.  Many parents complain that their children treat them like they are a hired maid.  However, if you want to raise good future husbands and wives, you need to get them on board when it comes to doing chores.  If you need help in getting them to work around the house, you should continue reading this article for great advice.

If you have the funds available, you might want to consider offering a weekly or monthly allowance for completing a certain list of tasks each day.  An allowance gives your child or children the incentive to help out, which will reduce your daily work load.  You can set all of the terms involved, but you should be open to suggestions from your children.  If you compromise in the right areas, you could be helping your own cause a great deal; however, do not allow your children to step all over you.  In the end, you are the parent.

If your kids get bored of doing the same chores over and over, you can find a creative way to distribute the chores.  You could even change your method of deciding from time to time.  For instance, you could have the kids draw from the chores that need to be done out of a hat.  This makes it so that it seems fair to the kids, instead of you just telling them what they have to do.  You could also have the kids flip a coin for the right to do their favorites chores from a list.  This is still a game of chance, and it reminds them that doing chores really is not that bad after all.

If, after you try everything, your child continues to refuse to do chores around the house, they really have left you with no other choice but to punish them.  For younger children, you can take away their favorite toy or their television time.  When it comes to older children, you might need to be more creative with the punishment you choose, as all kids have different interests.  For instance, if your older child plays on a sports team you can explain to them that if they can not take care of their responsibilities at home they can not expect you to bear the responsibility of getting him or her to their practices and games.  Use this time to explain that you only have so much time in a day and life is about give and take and doing your own share.  If they refuse to comply, you must follow through, or else they will not believe what you say.  It might be difficult, but it is for your child’s own good.

Now that you have read this article you know that there are in fact things that you can do to get your children to help around the house.  Put these tips to use so that you can raise the responsible adults you hope to raise.

* A guest post by Jazzie

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