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OneProudMomma Now on Entrecard!

It’s been a few days since I added this blog on Entrecard. Today, it’s been accepted! Every blogger who uses Entrecard as a free way to advertise their site, knows that, it’s a big help in boosting traffic. Of course, you need to do your end of dropping ECs.

If you aren’t a member of Entrecard yet, well, you’re missing a lot!  Here are a few points to ponder why you need to join Entrecard:

  • It’s 100% FREE to join and be a member
  • You get 200 EC credits upon approval. These credits can be used to advertise your blog to other relevant sites
  • While EC Dropping, you get to meet other fellow bloggers, be it of your same niche or not
  • You can get some ideas while reading other bloggers content (for your next articles)

For me, Entrecard works best if  we drop ECs everyday.. It becomes another source of  traffic to your site. Though there are some members who chooses to drop or not in some sites that they browse. But if I were you, drop whenever you can. I mean, you’re already on their site, so why not drop your card and get credit for it.

OneProudMomma  may be a newbie in the blogosphere, but at least, I’m slowly making progress.. I know Entrecard would be able to help me earn a spot in the right places..

Why not try it, it’s easy and free to join anyway. Visit Entrecard by clicking the banner below.

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  1. OneProudMomma Now on Entrecard!

  2. Wow! Congrats! Now you won’t forget my birthday because it’s the same anniversary for this blog being accepted at Entrecard. 🙂

    1. Really? Well belated happy birthday! Thanks mommy 🙂

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