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Life Insurance for the Elderly and Senior Citizens

This is a very touchy subject because my dad is already in his late 70’s and as old age is imminent, his body isn’t that strong anymore. We’re glad that though he’s at that stage where most old men can’t go to different places, my dad, however, can still ride the bus going to our place. It would’ve been easier if we will visit him, but there are times when he wanted to do just the opposite.

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People these days are much vulnerable to viruses or diseases compared to folks in the 1950’s. As technology progress, pollution is not far behind thus rewarding us with so many bodily complications plus destroying our dear Planet Earth. What happens now with old people who can’t anymore cope with such environmental issues and disturbance which makes them more fragile?

My dad used to be a member of a well known health insurance company. During his 50’s, he was able to have annual executive check-ups inclusive of lab tests for free or for a small price. Now, that he’s retired and way past the allowed age bracket, he pays whenever he needs to see a doctor or they need to run some tests.

I’m wishing that in a few years, the senate will be able to pass a bill where there will be  life insurance for senior citizens. This will push the health maintenance companies to include those who are already in their prime age thus giving them benefits that could help in their medical or hospital expenses. This is something like our regular PhilHealth here in the Philippines, where we can voluntarily pay monthly if a person has no job.

I pity those old people that I see in the streets begging for some money so they can eat or go home to their provinces. Though some might say that begging is just one form of laziness and that some elderly people can still get some work, I say, they are old and they should have been enjoying the last few years of their lives so why let them starve. Gee, this is already a different topic but I just wanna point out that our government can very well take care of  hundreds of thousands senior citizens. They could also pay for at least a part of the medical expenses, but it seems the money allocated for these people are way deep in some officials’ treasure chests!

Anyway, we’re lucky because we can provide for my dad’s needs but what about those who can’t even buy generic medicines or go to public/government hospitals? I sure pray that my wish will come true because a lot of elderly people will benefit from this.

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  1. Life Insurance for the Elderly and Senior Citizens

  2. Life Insurance for the Elderly and Senior Citizens

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    And I was just wondering about that too!

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