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7 Costumes Everyone Will Enjoy

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up, head out and fly high with super heroes and angry birds. Every year, a new lineup of characters screams into the costume shop, but traditional, scary faces never lose their charm. Here are seven of the best ideas for being something or someone else for the night.

Super Hero Halloween Costumes

1. Superheroes are always hot. The Avengers are on fire this year, and Captain America is the favorite of this super pack, complete with shield and built-in muscles. The Black Widow lets ladies flex their powers, and everybody loves a green Hulk.

2. Angry Birds will fill the Halloween skies this year. These ferocious, feathered fiends are more fun than they are scary and come in an assortment of character colors sure to please every prickly trickster. Slingshot a King Pig into the mix, and let the good times fly.

3. Vampires are so vamp this season. Whether they’re the sexy screen version or the traditional blood suckers, these night creatures never get long in the tooth. There are more online versions of this goth costume classic than there are bats in Dracula’s belfry.

4. Gotham is dark, but it’s role-playing gold. Batman is everybody’s fearless favorite, but the Dark Knight’s arch rivals are fearsome competitors. Bane will haunt the Joker for the top bad-guy slot, and Catwoman always slinks into everybody’s dark heart.

5. Politicians are always scary. The Halloween race to the White House is frightening this year, and choosing sides is as easy as throwing on a suit and donning the right Romney face. Obama masks are recommended for the left side of the fun house.

6. Grey is the new black. Fifty shades of it is the latest adult theme for playing naughty dress up, and now that there are three sexy volumes of material to read, the ideas are unlimited. The best accessory for this seductive outfit is a copy of the book.

7. Zombies just won’t ever die. They shouldn’t either, because Halloween is the perfect evening for scary lurching and endless brain searching. Everybody loves a zombie apocalypse, and green skin with bloody streaks guarantees plenty of shrieks.

This year, the selections are bigger, the ideas are wilder, and it’s all easier to find online. Every costume shop is full of great ideas and Halloween eye candy. Finding a favorite is easier than scaring a vampire with garlic.

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