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Start Producing Your Own Food With a Home Garden

With the prices of food rising almost every day, many consumers are looking for ways to minimize their grocery bills. One of the best ways to do this is to start a home garden. While starting a home garden may seem a little bit difficult at first, it’s really not that complicated overall.


Here are the basics of starting your very own home garden:

Preparing the Space

Then what you are in need of to start a garden is a space to put it. Many homeowners simply put them in their backyards. You could till an area of your yard and put it right in the ground. Another option is to do a raised bed garden. With this approach, you get some boards or some railroad ties and put them in a square or rectangle. Then you fill the center with soil and this raises the garden up off the ground a little bit. Many gardeners also put gardening mesh or plastic bags under the soil so that weeds will be minimized in the garden.


Planting the Garden

When it comes to gardening, there are two approaches that you can take. You can plant seeds or you can plant plants that have already sprouted. If you want to start your garden early on in the spring, you can usually plant seeds. If you get started a little later, you’ll probably need to plant plants that have already grown a little bit. When you plant something, put a marker in the ground next to its own, to remember what the plant is. While you’ll be able to tell what the plant is later on once it grows further, it is nice to know what it is early on in the process.

Usually, you’ll stagger the times that you plant things, depending on the best time of the year to plant. For example, most experts would recommend getting some potatoes planted in mid-March. Then you can move on to lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots later in the spring.


Throughout the spring and summer, water your garden on a daily basis, unless it gets enough water from rain. When the vegetables or fruits have matured early, start harvesting them.

Overall, the basic idea behind gardening is pretty easy. If you are successful, you’ll probably need a new fridge freezer to hold all of the produce that your garden creates. You’ll then be able to go to the store less frequently and spend a little less.

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