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I love going to work every day, knowing that the job I do helps to keep me and my kids alive by putting food on the table. However, I do worry about what would happen if I were to get an injury on the job because of someone’s inability to think about the health and safety of his co-workers. I worry that I may have to take time off work, or maybe even quit my job, which means I could be without any source of income, making day to day living extremely difficult.


A visit to helped me realise that, if I wanted to plug the gap left in my finances by suffering injury or illness due to a nasty accident, I could always make a claim for compensation. It’s easier than you might think, and, as long as you can prove that your injuries were caused by someone else, you have a good chance of winning compensation often at a no win no fee basis. It might seem like a drastic measure, but if someone else is to blame, you have the right to claim.

Compensation could help me to cover the cost of not being able to work, medical bills and even things like days out with the kids. Winning compensation could also serve to give me peace of mind as, once the claiming process is over, I can get on with the business of trying to recover so I can eventually start working again, which is the main thing everyone should do when they become ill or injured.

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  1. No win no fee basis is the best way to go as the lawyers would really fight hard for your case.

  2. We need lawyers when we sell/buy a house and it does help us a lot πŸ™‚

  3. You are absolutely right. There are just some who don’t really care and are not paying attention on safety until they gets to it face to face. So, it is always great to protect ourselves before bad things could happen.

  4. wow this is a good advise . and knowing our society now a days a lot are bullying type and cant help themselves to put down and hurt other people … it some kind of personal prep and protection as well .

  5. Protection against the unexpected is something that should be seriously considered particularly by breadwinners.

  6. True, we really need safety net for such occurrences.

  7. that’s a nice policy… no win, no fee… this will make lawyers win the case for you. Yahweh bless.

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