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Credit Cards: To Get One Or Not

I haven’t worked for a regular 8-5 job for more than a decade now and honestly, I’m glad I made that decision to stop working because I feel I have done a great job with my special child. If I continued office work, my eldest may not be what he is today.

Anyway, I started working online in 2008.  Since the onset of 2000, I have already paid off all debts with 5 credit cards. When all was down to zero, I literally cut them all in half. Lol, I didn’t want anymore headaches, that’s why! Fortunately, during those following years, I never had an intense itch to mega shop.

Now, the wheels have turned. I am in need of one.  Some of you might say – “do you want to relive the days when you can barely sleep coz of the debt pileup?” OR  “you’re crazy! Here you are, clean from debt for many years and now wants to go back to the life you once hated?”  Lol, there is some truth about it. Somewhere deep within me, is saying not to do this again. BUT, a stronger voice asks for another chance to prove to myself that, this time I am more mature thus can handle the temptations that was once the cause of major problems.

Credit Cards

Why would I like one? For many reasons but definitely, shopping is not on the list. It’s a more personal agenda that I would like to keep to myself.

Of course, I’d have to go thru the rituals, I mean getting Certificate of Employments (CoEs) from my current full time jobs and other pertinent documents plus a background screening that won’t be a problem after all. Since I work online, there are other problems that I need to establish connections and answers first before they can process my application.

Anyway, wish me luck or not, lol.  Whatever is the result, I hope it will be to my liking 🙂

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  1. I gave up 2 credit cards na and im glad I did…But there are times that we need to use credit card, like if you want to purchase something online, so if you can handle credit card properly nmn, i think better to have one in your pocket…

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