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Crafting at Home

Kids love to create craft projects, but they can sometimes catch you off-guard with the question, “Can we make something?”. Prepare for those creative urges by having some basic crafting supplies in an easily accessible location. Items that are already around the house can provide hours of creative entertainment for children.

Remember to supervise projects that involve items such as scissors or glue guns, and don’t forget to join in the fun!

Home Crafting

Here are several ideas to jump-start inspiration at your house.

Create a Recycling Castle

The sky is the limit for this royal craft project. Prepare by saving the lids that would normally be thrown away from recyclables such as soda bottles, margarine containers, and peanut butter jars. Rinse and dry the lids before setting them aside. You will soon have a colorful collection of plastic building blocks in all sizes.

Use a piece of poster board or cardboard as a base, and then let the building begin. Attach the lids in interesting combinations and layers with a low-temp glue gun. Younger children could use small loops of duct tape to attach the pieces. Embellish the castle with flags made from scraps of fabric or ribbon.

Play the Name Game

Nothing is more personal than a name, so help kids express their personalities with their names. Cut the individual letters in each name from craft foam or cardboard, or purchase inexpensive three-dimensional letters from the craft store.

Spread the surface of a letter with craft glue, and then cover the glue with beads, buttons, seeds, small trinkets, bits of fabric, words cut from magazines, or anything else that will stick to the craft glue. Each letter can be different! This project makes a great room decoration.

Include a Friend

Include a favorite stuffed animal or doll in a crafting project. If you are going on a camping trip, make a sleeping bag or a picnic blanket for the stuffed friend. If you are going on a plane, make a tiny travel pillow or a mini eye mask. These projects can all be completed with simple hand sewing or machine sewing. Fabric glue will also work well. To expand on a theme, consider purchasing a special outfit at http://www.dollclothessuperstore.com/american-girl-doll-clothes.html.

Craft projects encourage imaginative play in children. The projects do not have to be complicated to be engaging and successful. Having a few simple supplies on hand can foster independent play and the joy of sharing a completed project.

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  1. I defeinitely agree with what you’ve written. Crafting brought out the creative side of me. In fact, it remains on of my fondest childhood summer vacation memories.

    Since there are tons of art supplies that were not used up in school, I’d put them all to good use during summer vacay. Hay! Those were the days. =)

  2. Yeah, I did that too and practically taped each artwork on my bedroom wall. lol.. Thanks!

  3. It’s great having the kids develop their creative side at an early age using various crafts.

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