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Drink and Be Merry

Just wanna tell this story about a girl friend who once told me that booze makes her happy. I was shocked at first but then I saw the truth. I’m not gonna go into details but her life was miserable and of course, getting drunk each and every day made it worst.

But she was happy with the wrong notion that she can forget her miseries when she’s drunk. And when she’s not, she cried a lot and would go back to drinking even if she’s not sober yet from the previous night’s merry drinking.

Alcohol Drinks

She was weak deep inside and she tried to hide it by drinking, coz when she’s drunk, she felt stronger than ever, and that too, made her happy.

Sometimes, when she’s sober for a few days with the help of friends who will stay at her house to accompany her, they will do everything to make her forget about her pain. They brought food, fresh clothes, board games and even played Wink Bingo, an online game, just to pass the time.

Though there are times she’d slide back to drinking again, it wasn’t that often anymore. She realized that she wasted too many dreams and her life as it was slowly slipping away.

Now, she has found her true happiness in the arms of her husband and kids. Long gone are the drinking days..

The saying “drink and be merry” can be associated with occasional celebrations coz most of the time, there are loads of different alcohols accompanied by merry laughter in an event. Though there is temporary happiness, it won’t last long, it can even end as soon you wake up the next morning with a hangover.

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  1. glad your friend has seen the light. maybe it happened that at one point in our life we would like to have quick fixes + tend to think that we can have them by downing all those cocktails + fancy drinks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. yeah sis good thing she came out from that.. Thanks!

  2. md kennedy says:

    I so feel for your friend. I’ve seen so many sink into alcohol because it “helped” them forget their troubles – and then it only caused more. This is an addiction, but when one of them is able to find purpose in life and a real reason for living (like a healthy relationship), they have been able to pull themselves out of it, although they will forever be on watch.

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