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On Gift Giving…

Filipinos are generous by nature and would jump at any given occasion for an excuse to give presents and gifts to our loved ones and friends. And when you are a mom, you are automatically presented with even more opportunities to dole out treats to whoever you might deem worthy to receive them. Remember all the bag of treats you prepare for Halloween, or the gifts you wrapped especially for the house help or the friendly street sweeper for Christmas? And donโ€™t forget about the time when you search every shops in your favorite mall to find that oneย cool valentines gifts for girlfriend?

I guess we are that sort of people, those who would exhaust all our resources and efforts to show other people our appreciation and what better way to do that than through the small tokens and gifts that we send out. We find endless satisfaction in looking at the priceless reaction on our childrenโ€™s faces whenever we give them whatever they wished for their birthdays or whenever we slip surprise little gifts on our other halfโ€™s stuffs during our anniversaries. And, of course, in as much as we love giving gifts, we equally love receiving some for ourselves, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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