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Remembering the 9/11 Tragedy

It’s been a decade already since it happened and yet, people are still mourning for the loss of their loved ones. I wasn’t there but I was greatly affected. As I watch History Channel, CNN and BBC, I felt their pain and sorrow. I can’t help but cry, remembering and commemorating the tragedy and the people who died was a world wide event and I’m sure people from all walks of life said their solemn prayers.

World Trade center 9/11 TragedyREUTERS/Jim Young

Families who are still grieving mentioned all the names of those who lost their lives and firemen who died saving the victims were remembered. It was a truly saddening event and I wouldn’t forget nor the generations to come.

World Trade center 9/11 TragedyREUTERS/Mike Segar

World Trade center 9/11 Tragedy

I let my 12 year old son watch the rerun of History Channel’s World Trade Center attacks. He had tons of questions simply because he was only 2 when it all happened. I answered them one by one to the best of my knowledge but told him to watch first then ask some more. He was shocked! These things aren’t taught nor discussed in their school. He was a bit terrified because he knew of the name Osama Bin Laden but really doesn’t have any idea about all that has happened. I thought, he’s old enough to know. Sometimes, you need to help your kids realize that the outside world is not as safe as it used to be.

My husband and I were discussing about Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda while watching how he was killed by those Navy Seals. After President Obama gave the go signal for the “targeted operation”, they carried out their mission – to kill the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks in the U.S. 2 shots were fired at Bin Laden, 1 in the chest and another in his eye. He was “finally” dead and justice was done. His body was carried by a military ship and was then thrown in the sea.

But, this one question lingers, at least in my mind and I know there are other people out there who have also raised this – why was his body buried in the sea and not show it first to the whole world then bury him with all the rituals/rites of their religion? I think the Americans and all those people they owed would want or deserved to see his face plastered all over the news. This way, they can be sure that he was really dead. Though some would say that it was a body of another dead person and they just replaced his face using technology or something. Well, we really can’t be sure now that he’s deep under the sea.

A lot of conspiracy theories are in the internet and reading some of them makes me think of those possibilities. Though Osama was killed, his “brothers” are stepping in and doing exactly where he left off. There was one video showing an ally from Yemen saying if America kills them they will retaliate. The death of Bin Laden only sparked an outrage and not really solve what has happened.

Terrorist attacks does not only involve the U.S, the whole world is plagued with bombings everywhere, if not solely the acts of Al Qaeda, there are others who die for their religion and their country. What can the public do? Be vigilant in the sense that report whatever unusual things we see around us. Each of us love our country but we shouldn’t take matters in our own hands. If you don’t believe in your government or the police, this doesn’t make us “vigilantes” in a way that we’d do the killings ourselves.

May this tragedy serve as a reminder for all of us – all races, all countries, all human beings.

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