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Family Indoor Fun with Wii

Weekends are always saved for the family. This is usually the time the whole family heads out to have some outdoor fun. However, these days, not everyone in the family wants to go outside and play. Kids today would much rather stay indoors and play games either online or on a gaming console. It’s a good thing that adults nowadays can also appreciate technology as much as kids do.

Board games may be out, but it is still one of the best types of games that the whole family can enjoy. But since we live in a technology driven world, we turn to game consoles for a much needed family bonding time. There are video games on different video game consoles that the whole family can enjoy and participate in. Take for example the Wii. It is a game console made by the popular brand Nintendo. If you’re a kid who grew up in the 80’s, then there is no doubt that you have heard of Nintendo and its previous game consoles. Who can forget games such as Street Fighter, Duck Hunt and of course Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. The Wii is the 7th generation in its line of game consoles.

Wii Gaming Console and Wiimote

The Wii console comes with one Wii remote, also known as Wiimote. You can purchase separate wii remotes should you need more to be able to play multi-player games such as tennis and other sports games. The Wii remote is the main controller for the Wii, unlike other gaming consoles’ controllers, it has a motion sensing capability. This means that the gamer can actually manipulate items on the screen with actual gestures through the use of the accelerometer and optical sensor technology on the console.

The Wii has aΒ  Wii Family Edition, with games that the whole family will definitely find hours of entertainment fun. Aside from being a fun gaming console that the whole family can enjoy, you can also use the Wii to lose some of those unwanted pounds with its Wii Fit edition. If you love sports, then Wii Sports is just the one for you.

Been thinking of buying one for us (not just for the kids,lol). Since I’m working at home and always in front of the computer, I haven’t had any exercise for years! This may be a good start and to kick out those flab plus it could be one of the best exercise “machine” for my eldest who has lower extremities problem. Just wish my hubby will be able to read this πŸ™‚

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