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Technology VS. Actual Outdoor Fun

There is no doubt that we live in a technology-driven world. People are so preoccupied with their lives and the gadgets that were created to make life simpler, that they have forgotten what it was like to actually enjoy nature and the wonderful things only the outdoors can bring. The only idea of outdoor fun kids knows these days come from video games they play or visual aids from the internet. This is why as parents, we need to encourage our children to set aside time to play outdoors. Take them on a picnic, teach them surfing, skiing, snowboarding, biking or just take them out camping or do any outdoor sports activities! You don’t have to worry about expensive equipment because you can always buy it directly from https://www.globosurfer.com/best-camping-air-mattresses/.

Sure, technology has certainly made life more entertaining and definitely easier to live. Kids today are a lot smarter and because of technology, it is easier to stay in touch with people. Working from home is also made possible because of the internet. However, just like everything else, it also has downsides. It is a known fact that because people stay indoors more often now than ever, kids and adults alike, are not very healthy. Kids today prefer to play sports inside the home through a gaming console instead of actually playing it outdoors, under the sun and getting that much-needed exercise.

There are also a lot of illnesses that are caused by too much technology. Eyestrain, headaches, back pains, upper limb syndromes such as tendonitis in the hands or wrists, are just some of the most common discomforts from too much technology. Some people even experience health anxiety, wherein they get so freaked out about the information they read online that they start to believe they are suffering from an illness when in fact they are not. Internet addiction is one serious illness that a lot of people have but are not even aware of.

It’s time for you to make a change, log out/off and get out there!

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  2. That’s true make our life easier kaso yon din my mga negative effect so ingat ingat lang.

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