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Create the Perfect Home Shading Living Space

Conservatories are one of the most airy, stress free rooms in the house. As many conservatories are made entirely of glass, you can emulate an outdoor experience while remaining indoors, which is great if you live in a climate that rarely allows for an enjoyable outdoor experience.


In those winter days when the sun is bright in the sky but the ground and air remains crisp, conservatories can be a god send, they capture the warmth from the sun yet are a haven from the biting frost. If you have indoor heating, this can be the best time of year for conservatory use.

In the summer though is really nice to have all the windows and doors open and let the summer breeze pass through your house. If it is really sunny outside though, that’s where you want to be and not in the conservatory.

A conservatory can become really stuffy in the summer as well, especially if it is a little muggy outside. If you are becoming distressed with the heat from sitting outside but don’t want to go in the house you need a half way perfect situation, and a stuffy conservatory is nowhere near the dream situation.


If you want to chill out in the conservatory in the summer and really make the most of it without feeling like you are in an oven, you need to find a way to make it a little shaded from the sun. With conservatory roof blinds from,  you can block out the blazing sun during its hottest time and make the most of it in the mornings and evenings.

With the remote control designs in sleek modern styles you are able to control just how much shade you need with the click of a button. Traditional pleated styles are still the most common in conservatories but Venetian, vertical and roller blinds seem to be coming into trend over the more traditional option. That way you can enjoy a balmy summer’s zephyr coursing through your conservatory without sweltering in the direct heat of the sun.

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