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The Anxieties of a Mom

This is a guest post by another Proud Momma, mommy Leonora S. Damaso

A doctor once told me….”Which do you want me to treat first, your anxiety or your child’s sickness?”

I should be embarrassed by that remark, but I cared less. I never cared whether or not I appeared stupid before them (doctors). I always wanted to know everything, what will happen to my child?…. what caused his/her illness….What did i not do to protect him/her?….What if this and that treatment don’t work?

One Proud Momma
By this time (a mom for 12 years,with 3 children getting sick every now and then), I should be acting like a pro. Up to now, however, I must admit that I am not. The slightest of fever would rattle me like a phobic. When one of my children got sick, foods automatically taste bad! I don’t feel hungry and sleepy. On the contrary, I’d have all the energy to go about taking care of the three of them. It was like I am high with some kind of drug that keeps me awake and always ready to go. My next step with would be the E.R….only laboratory results can give me peace of mind. Yes, I would pray, really hard….but still instinct tells me to do something.

Yesterday, when the Spine Specialist was looking at the lumbar x-ray and said the spine indeed looks bad for a 9 -year old, I am already teary-eyed. He was also ready for the braces (like the 1st specialist we consulted from another hospital) but decided to find out first, whether or not Julia’s spine will benefit from it. My prayers was for Julia’s spine to respond positively. I, too was ready for the braces and if it is the only way to prevent her spine to curve more, then so be it. But my heart was bleeding. I don’t want to see her in braces and being impaired from what she wants to do for like what? Two months? 2 years? And that made me so sad.

When she was put to lay on the traction bed, she was worried. Good thing she was present in one of my traction sessions and she has, more or less, had an idea of what is going to happen. It was different though as there was an x-ray machine hanging above her. She was also teary-eyed but also trying to be very brave (for mommy because she already saw me in tears) while she was asking if it’s going to be painful. She was smiling while drying her tears away. I said no, it won’t but if it did hurt, she should tell the technicians so they’d stop pulling her. I continued to pray while waiting at the lobby and up to the time we were called by the doctor to show us the x-ray result.

One Proud Momma

It was a big surprise! Her spine straightened up from 38 degrees to 10 degrees! I was really crying and thanking the Lord for what He did! Julia was even making fun of me because I was crying inside the restroom! It was really a BIG MIRACLE!!!

Admin’s note: Bless this child for having the courage to face the ordeal. Bless the mom for being brave enough to conquer the fear.. May God bless you with total healing Julia! πŸ™‚

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  1. same here, mommy. I can’t eat nor sleep whenever my daughter is sick. brave little girl. may God bless her always!

    1. I guess all moms are like that πŸ™‚ Thanks sis πŸ™‚

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  3. when your child get sick you really feel their burden more than they do.

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