Weekend Bonding

My sons are having a great time this weekend because their cousin, JM slept over last night. The whole day yesterday, they played Playstation  while munching their fave cereals and snacks. Heck, they’re playing again while I’m writing this and I could hear giggles and loud voices because they are having a hard time moving on to the next stage of the game,lol..

This is the third time JM spent the weekend with us and I know that they are all having a blast, even my hubby,lol. The house is filled with laughter and chaos,lol.. Nothing beats hearing your kids laugh their hearts out!

Here are some photos of them while doing their most fave past time:

OneProudMommaThis was taken at noon time Saturday

OneProudMomma This was already at 10pm last night.

Though I have all boys at home, it pays because I’m kinda spoiled coz I’m the only girl. If only I have a daughter, the family will be more complete. But, unfortunately, this is all I can bear,lol..

Hope everyone had a great weekend bonding with their families too!

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  1. walang pagod ang pag play ah, ganon naman talaga mga bata .. anyway, thanks mommy dear for the post!

    1. oo nga sis, ako ang napagod sa kakatingin sa kanila the whole day,hehehe

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