How Women Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for Pregnancy

Women of childbearing age that are trying to become pregnant should take steps to ensure that they remain healthy. This offers the best chances of seeing a healthy pregnancy all the way through to delivery. Healthy moms to typically deliver healthier babies overall, it is important to get regular exercises while pregnant. There are many exercise classes geared specifically for the mothers to be. These fun classes often continue after birth when the mom can bring her baby to class with her. These special bonding times for mom and baby help both the new mother and her baby to feel connected and secure.

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While many might still believe the old adage that states a mom to be should eat for two, this practice might cause a woman to overeat which is terribly unhealthy. Instead, moms to be are encouraged to eat smaller regular meals full of nutritious ingredients. Stay away from high fat and sugar-laden food and beverages to keep your blood glucose levels in the normal ranges. Your obstetrician will likely monitor your blood glucose levels during pregnancy to ensure that you don’t develop gestational diabetes. Pregnant women are also urged to avoid high salt foods like fast food, many canned goods and salt heavy snacks like chips. Eat fresh fruits in moderation, and add plenty of healthy green vegetables to your diet.

The risks of fetal alcohol syndrome are real. Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs especially in the beginning months of pregnancy. The time when you decide you need alcohol treatment is before getting pregnant, not once pregnancy has started and the health of the child is at risk. Now is the time to quit smoking as well, as nicotine limits the amount of healthy oxygen in your bloodstream. Less oxygenated blood can drastically affect your baby when pregnant. Avoid secondhand smoke as well. With some common sense lifestyle changes, having a healthy pregnancy can benefit your precious baby.

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It’s important for pregnant women to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Your baby depends on you for his or her nourishment, and a mom that is dehydrated is more at risk for pregnancy complications. Along with staying hydrated especially during the hot summer months, pregnant ladies should always wear a good sunscreen before heading outdoors. Remember that harmful rays can still burn your skin while sitting in a car. Most doctors recommend a higher blocking sunscreen during pregnancy.

It is also very important to get the proper amount of rest when pregnant. This might become more difficult as the pregnancy advances. Try using the newer mommy pillows designed to support in all of the right places. Otherwise, use several pillows to keep from becoming cramped and uncomfortable. Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, and limit distractions like cell phones, laptops, and televisions that can deter healthy sleep. Develop a bedtime routine, and try herbal tea or warmed milk prior to going to bed. Eat a lighter dinner, and avoid snacking on unhealthy foods during the evenings to encourage digestion and limit heartburn that often occurs during pregnancy.

Never take any medications without speaking to your doctor first. Even over-the-counter medications and herbal or natural supplements can cause significant health problems. Follow all of your doctor’s recommendations when trying to become pregnant and during the months of pregnancy.

Limit stress by avoiding situations or people that tend to cause this to occur. Lastly, avoid breathing or using harsh chemicals from cleaning products, paint, laundry cleaners and other hazardous materials while trying to become or during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of life’s great miracles. With that said, healthy pregnancy is not something to be left to the gods to decide. Women who want to be mothers have an obligation to provide the healthiest environment possible for their baby as she develops in the womb.

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