Playing Playstation at 3

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here. Been sooo busy this past week trying to finish some loose ends in my sideline jobs before I start with my full time job as a Virtual Assistant.

Anyway, would like to share with you some happenings with my 3 year old son. He likes to play his toys and read his books. But recently, he’s been playing his brother’s Playstation. The first time I saw him seating in front of it and trying to figure out how to shoot some hoops (NBA), I immediately took some shots.


Now, just to clear things up. He’s just 3 years old and No, we’ don’t let him play often. Oh maybe sometimes, that is when he gets the chance to sneak in when his brother left the game hanging while he gets his And big brother would come rushing to save his game….lol..

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  1. Playing Playstation at 3

  2. He looks cute! And it looks like he’ll cry when you try to turn off the TV or the playstation. He is seriously into it –didn’t even budge when you took the picture.

    1. Yes dead serious! But he didn’t cry when I told him to stop playing and it’s time for his fave That did the trick! Thanks, Noel

  3. my son loves and knows how to play playstation2 and playstation portable :)) he is 3 years old as well πŸ™‚

    1. Naku, we don’t let him play the PSP, mahirap na pag nabagsak, sira agad screen. Php4500 pa naman pag pinapalitan.. Enough na muna yung Ps3 sa kanya..thanks πŸ™‚

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