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Time Flies So Fast!

Not so long ago, I gave birth to my first born. Please don’t ask when was that exactly hehehe. I was so happy and still am coz of this blessing that made me want to live a life that I know since high school was the perfect role for me. It’s not Mother’s Day yet but I am overwhelmed with happiness that i just had to write it down and share.

My eldest son is already on his way to sophomore next school year and I am so proud to say that thru the years he has developed his independence and courage to face his fears. If you are a regular reader or a friend, you know that he has special needs and that makes me even more proud because in his own little way, he conquered what needs to be.

So, since he’s already becoming a full pledged teen, the need to move him from our room into his own space is a must. You know teenagers, though he’s a bit special, he still needs his own room for privacy reasons, he’s growing up to be a young man and I think it’s also about time.

We already have a room prepared for him but we need to check on some new full size bunk beds in preparation for the little one’s transfer in a few years more and to save also in buying 2 separate beds in the future. We’ve seen some cool ones that would really make my teenager’s eyes twinkle but it’s either too expensive or won’t fit the small room.

We also searched the net for some sample photos of bunk beds and this is what he liked:

Full Size Bunk Bed
Neat eh! He immediately saw this and he didn’t look for more photos. He wants this! What’s great about it is the ladder going up the top bed. He wants to sleep on the top one and so the stairs are perfect for his wobbly feet. His legs are weak and not like the normal boys’ legs, so this is a plus for us! It has drawers all over and his clothes will be neatly tucked where he can easily reach them. This is so cool and we would love to have one like this in a local store otherwise, we’d be forced to hire a carpenter and make us one closely similar.

He’s excited about the move and so are we. We can’t wait for my 4 year old to stay in the same room as his big bro so they could bond and do things they love to do ๐Ÿ™‚

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