Awesome Ideas to Surprise your Better Half on Her Birthday

A birthday is one of the most awaited occasions of everyone’s life. A celebrated one for the whole family where we can create new memories. It’s a day to show your loved that they are important and matters.

Your wife’s birthday is an opportunity for you to give her some fabulous moments of the day. A time to make a new chapter in your married life. She might be expecting something special not necessarily grand or expensive gifts. Just something that would make her happy.

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Here are some awesome ideas:

Prepare a healthy breakfast for her:

The first thing you can do on the birthday morning is to make a cup of lemon tea for your better half. It can give her a refreshing start for the day. Cook some of her fave dishes for breakfast or better yet, a breakfast in bed would be awesome!

Flowers for the birthday girl:

While the wifey is out of the house, go an extra mile and decorate her room with lots of her fave flowers or make it a bit more exciting with a few exotic flowers. You can use some birthday props to decorate the living room. The romantic flowers like red roses and pink roses are also the right choice to surprise her on birthday. You can make a heart shaped red roses bouquet for that extra romantic feel. The decoration for birthday also looks beautiful with colorful balloons and ribbons. You can surprise her with the beautiful decoration to express your love and passion on her birthday.

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Beach trip:

Plan a beach trip but somewhere kinda romantic and nostalgic, women like that. You can also do fun activities and play some beach games. At night, a special dinner by the beach serenaded with musicians for a full romantic effect.

Prepare a personalized cake for her:

A delicious cake is a perfect dessert to celebrate memorable occasions. You can prepare a designer cake for your better half to give the best surprise of the day. Or you can also get the cake delivery in Bangalore online from many online sites. You can use her favorite flavors and ingredients to prepare the cake. A photo cake is also unique to give her amazing feelings of the day. You can choose a special photo of her or you together. It can help to make the unique presentation of the cake for this memorable day of her life.

The above are just a few suggestions but you can think of other things which will make her happy and feel most loved.

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  1. Francia Diaz says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips and idea mommy 😘😍

  2. pchipeach says:

    Everytime na sasapit ang bday q, ahead of months palang nag aask na hubby q kung anu dw gusto q gwin sa bday q. Sobra q naapreciate gngwa nya ksi aq nga di q naisip un pero sya pinaplano n pla nya.. He always told me na gusto ko kung anu gusto mo ggwin ntin. Dahil gusto q happy ka.. Very thankful to god that i have him.

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