4 Tips For Dealing With A Constant Stuffy Nose In Winter

4 Tips For Dealing With A Constant Stuffy Nose In Winter

Do you always seem to have a stuffy nose in the winter? You don’t have a cold or the flu, but your nose is really dry and blocked. Don’t worry, this is a freakishly common concern for loads of people out there. It happens quite a lot, and it’s mainly due to the drop in temperature over winter. No doubt you’re sick to death of waking up with a blocked nose, so here are a few tips to help you deal with this problem:

Buy a humidifier

Usually, people like to buy dehumidifiers for their home. Getting rid of the humidity is a popular way of preventing mould and dampness in the house. Also, you can use the device to dry your clothes in record time! However, most homes could benefit from a humidifier in the winter. Why? Because humidity levels drop outrageously low, which is what causes your stuffy nose. The lack of moisture in the air will dry out your nose with every breath. This is why your nose always feels dry and sore, and it seems to be worse in the morning, after a night of breathing in the dry air. 

Therefore, a humidifier brings the humidity back to a normal level. It’s worth getting an indoor thermometer to check the humidity levels as you don’t want it to rise over 60%. Or, if you have a smart meter in your house, it probably already shows the humidity for you! Adding some moisture to the air might cure your stuffy nose within a day or two. 

Use a nasal spray

As mentioned above, most stuffy noses are caused by dry air in the winter. However, they can sometimes be the result of allergies. In either case, a nasal spray will help you immensely. There are plenty of different ones you can try, and we’ll go through a few options in a bit. Ideally, you should see your doctor, to get the nasal spray on a repeat prescription. As you can see here, you might be able to order yours online via an app. It just makes the whole thing more affordable as some prescriptions are covered for you. 

What type of nasal spray should you buy? Well, there are steroid sprays that really help undo a lot of your symptoms and provide long-lasting results. These are the ones typical given out by doctors. Alternatively, there are a few blocked nose sprays that provide instant relief. They’re useful if you desperately need to unblock your nose – like when you’re trying to sleep – but should be used in moderation. Finally, the safest option is a saline nasal spray. Effectively, this contains a saltwater solution that irrigates your nasal passages. It contains no chemicals or medication, but it does a great job of lubricating your nose!

4 Tips For Dealing With A Constant Stuffy Nose In Winter

Use the power of steam

Steam is your best friend when you have a stuffy nose in winter. Running a warm bath or spending time in the shower will unblock your nose. It’s thanks to the hot air from the steam entering your nostrils and lubricating your nose. In essence, it’s the opposite of what cold air does to your nose! 

You could also get the same effect by using a bowl and placing your head over some hot water. Cover your head and the bowl with a large towel, so you’re basically in a mini tent. This lets the steam build-up, and it should unblock your nose and get rid of any dryness. 

Keep your room clean

As mentioned before, your blocked nose might be caused by allergies. In the winter, this is unlikely to be hay fever, but it could be from pets or dust. You may always have these allergies, but the combination of the cold air makes you more susceptible to them in winter. Cleaning your room is a smart way to prevent your nose from getting triggered by allergies. Do it at least once a week, paying close attention to areas of dust. 

It’s also worth washing your bed sheets as frequently as you can, purely because they may house pet hair and dust mites. A cleanroom makes it harder for your nose to be triggered by anything, so it should feel less stuffy.ย 

Realistically, a winter stuffy nose is most likely caused by the cold air. Follow the tips in this post to deal with your blocked nose and enjoy a much more peaceful winter. There’s nothing worse than having a constant heavy feeling in your face because of a blocked nose!

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