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5 Powerful Techniques for Managing Stress

In our modern world where we measure productivity down to the minute and everything happens faster, stress is an unavoidable by-product. We’re constantly being barraged with news, information and media narratives without much time to stop and take stock. Developing techniques to manage stress is essential to get the most out of our personal and professional lives. Here are 5 powerful ways you can manage and overcome the stresses of our modern lives.

Start Exercising

Particularly if you take your exercise routine outside or into nature, getting in your 30 minutes of heart-rate elevating exercise each day can make a marked impact on your stress levels. You’ll not only be doing your body and your health a favor, but you’ll also be getting a strong dopamine hormone response from the physical activity. Exercise should be one of the first things you look at when you’re trying to manage stress.

Take Up Meditation

The idea of meditation isn’t for everyone, but for those that practice it, they find peace and calm, which is a great way of letting go of the stresses of the day and life in general. While it might be more short term, meditation in its many different forms is a practice as old as time. Start simple with breathing exercises and working to free your mind of thoughts for a few minutes and find a meditation technique that works for you. Meditation can be as simple as finding a quiet space with no distractions or interruptions and sitting quietly for a while. Try a beginner technique like mindfulness.


Focus on Your Breathing

Part of meditation is focused on breathing, but this is something you can do any time of the day. Paying particular attention to proper breathing techniques can make a big difference to your general stress levels because it is a good way of grounding yourself. Most proper breathing techniques will insist on teaching you to breathe through your nose because breathing through your mouth means you might be over breathing. If you often wake up with a dry mouth or find yourself breathing through your mouth, you should do some focused breathing whenever you can and get out of the habit.

Find a Creative Outlet

Creativity in any form is great for stress. This doesn’t mean you need to become an artist or be particularly good at it. Creativity could be building a puzzle or doing a paint-by-numbers artwork. You could take up cooking or baking too. Using your hands and focusing on a creative task can free your mind of the worries that might be floating around in your head. If you struggle with creative tasks, just taking up a leisure activity can be stress-relieving too. Try heading out on a weekend for a camping trip or read a good book in the garden.

Hugging family

Spend Time with Loved Ones

The power of physical touch from the ones we love is often understated. Just spending time with someone you love, whether your partner or family and getting a nice big open armed hug is a wonderful way of letting go of stress. Even if you spend a lot of time around your partner and family, just asking for a hug at the end of a long, stressful day can have an incredibly positive effect on your stress levels. Try it next time you’re feeling stressed!

Being able to manage stress and finding good and easy ways to compartmentalize it and let go of the pressures we face every day is incredibly important. The many benefits of living with less stress in your life are immeasurable.

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  1. sosingerica says:

    Thank you for sharing these tips to us mamu. Malaking bagay po tlaga etong mga 5 tips na eto Para mabawasan ang stress po natin. Lalo na po Yun number 5. We really need our family and loved ones to manage our stress.😍

  2. Bessie Ramos says:

    I need this tips im suffering stressed and ayoko mapunta sa depression maiapply ko nga po ito sakin pra maging ok ako thankyou po

  3. MA D EL says:

    Kaya ako po Mamu pag stress ako,yakap lang po ng mga anak ko gumagaan na po pakiramdam ko.

  4. Marites Gatchalian Co says:

    Yes agree ! yan ang ginagawa ko sa anak ko bago matulog para if ever na meron silang dinadala sa loob nila na hindi nila masabi dahil nahihiya maiibsan yun sa pamamagitan ng aking yakap sa kanila 😊❤thanks for sharing this 5 Powerful Techniques for Managing Stress 👍👍

  5. DavidezSanch nietteAnto nietteAnto says:

    Salamat sa mga tips mo mamu sa ngayon ginagawanko na ito dahil madalas nga akong stress salamat dahil kahit papano napapaalala mo sya sakin na dapat ko talaga ito gawin araw araw

  6. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Super agree ako dito sa 5 techniques na to for managing stress.. super powerful talaga.. in our daily life ,lagi na talaga part si stress di na mawawala ..kaya needed natin to , to lessen it.. especially the fifth one which is spend time with loved ones.. makasama at makabonding talaga napakalaking stress reliever na…

  7. Lyka Mitra says:

    Salamat po sa mga tips na ito mamu lalo na po sa mga tulad ko na kapag sobrang stressed at depressed eh sinasarili na lang at dinidibdib kaya madalas eh palaging maiinitin ang ulo ko at mabilis mapagod.🖒 at agree po ako sa pinaka last na tips is Powerful Hug ang kailangan kapag medyo pagod at stressed ka na.. lakas makatanggal po nito ng pagod lalo na po kapag galing sa partner po natin o sa mga anak.. 🖒 parang pinawi lahat. ❤

  8. naku mamu i want to save this blog of yours. need ko to basahin araw araw para maiwasan ko talaga ang super magalit. kalimitan kasi kapag stress ako to the highest level ang galit ko lahat nadadamay pero di naman palagi, kalimitan inhale exhale, inom ng tubig nakikipaglaro ako sa mga anak ko, para talaga maiwasan ang stress

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