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What is Astigmatism & How Do You Know if You Have One?

As a Mom, your kids have come first ever since they were born. You’ve always gone out of your way to ensure that they have everything they need to lead healthy, happy lives. And that goes for everything from ensuring that they eat a nutritious, home cooked meal every day to making sure that their eyes and hearing are top notch.

Yet, while you take your kids to get their eyes tested regularly, you may not be as aware as you thought about what’s going on with your own eyesight. If you always had great vision in your youth, you may have assumed that you’d continue to have great eyesight long into old age. But if you’ve noticed that sometimes things are getting a little blurry or that reading is harder than it used to be, you may have astigmatism in one of your eyes. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to worry about, but you’ll want to get the best quality eyeglasses your budget will allow to save yourself eye strain, discomfort, and inconvenience. We’ll get to the telltale signs that you may have astigmatism shortly, but first…

What is an astigmatism? 

Astigmatism sounds scary, but it’s way less serious than it sounds. It essentially means that one of your eyes is not perfectly spherical and is ever so slightly ovoid like a football. This in turn can affect the way your eye lets light in. It can let light in more than one place. 

Why didn’t this affect you in your younger years? No, your eyeball hasn’t changed shape. The brain is actually pretty good at compensating for an astigmatism. However, when we get into our 30s, our brains get a little tired, and we may need a helping hand from some corrective lenses. 

Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you have an astigmatism in one of your eyes…

Temporary blurring of vision

Your eyes used to see in super sharp clarity. And while they still see very well, every now and then you find that things get a little blurry. Especially when you’re reading a license plate, a book or the credits of a movie in the theater. White text on a blakc background (or vice versa) can be problematic for those with an astigmatism. 



When we have astigmatism, we have to work a little harder to see. And this involves more chemical activity in the brain and straining of tiny muscles while we squint to better see past the temporary blurring and distortion that can occur with astigmatism. This in turn may prove a cause of more headaches. If you’re suffering from headaches more than you used to and your vision lacks its previous crystal clarity, this may be a telling symptom.

Difficulty seeing at night

When our eyes only have a limited amount of light to work with, they can’t process it as efficiently with an astigmatism. As such, if you’ve begun to notice that your night vision has deteriorated, this may be a further symptom. 

If you notice the above symptoms, see your optometrist as soon as possible. They’ll be able to make recommendations to prevent it from bringing inconvenience to your life. 

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