Prepared with Tang Distance learning

TANG Advice and Tips: We are Ready for Distance Learning!

The school year has started for most and I’m pretty sure parents and kids are overwhelmed with the preparations and trying to settle in. We have to adjust to the new normal. Everyone is trying to do what they can to survive this pandemic.

But, education is important and since it can now be done at home, a new distance-learning set-up is essential. We all need some help from the experts and you can try to integrate these new set-ups at home.

TANG recognizes these struggles. In line with this, TANG launched Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning in partnership with With the help of, the largest online platform empowering Filipino youth from education to career, the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning was held to equip moms with actionable insights and tips on distance learning with the help of homeschooling and industry experts.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned and followed and believe me, it made my life much easier, and my son, settled and happier!

  1. Set up a designated study area

In my son’s school, students have their own desks and shelves. So, I made one corner of the living room his special space. He has a computer table, his own laptop, a comfy chair, and wooden shelves. It’s sort of a school set-up, but homey, well-lit, and well-ventilated.

Though it’s in the living room, we make it a point that no one will watch the television during class. Most of the time classes are held in Zoom, he’s in the corner so no problem even if the camera is always on. Neighborhood noise is tolerable, even the dogs are quiet.

  1. Set and follow a schedule complete with break times
Prepared with Tang Distance learning

This new set-up may not be in school, but schedules need to be followed.
We don’t have any problems with this because the school made the schedules with proper breaks for stretching, eye rest, and quick bathroom breaks.

Kids need to develop discipline and a proper mindset so as not to be lax.
We also make it a point to finish all assignments after class and everything that are needed to be done by Friday, so the weekend is free for bonding and Me time for my teenage boy.

  1. Make time for physical activities

There’s no P.E. subject this year but it doesn’t mean that physical activities are not important. So, hubby and Zee wake up a bit early to do some flexing and walking. Afterwhich, a morning bath is important so he will go to class fully awake and refreshed.

Physical exercise is important since it helps keep children healthy and primed for learning. Just like in school, incorporate this in your child’s schedule and try to diversify the activities– it can also be in the form of dance, sports, or just pure exercise.

  1. Get creative

The Robotics class has been shelved for the time being but this doesn’t stop Zee from continuing his hobby. So, we bought him things to tinker.

Apart from making robots and building things, I sometimes ask him to join me in baking and cooking. He has developed a love for cooking and always excited to be the one to serve us dinner.

We’ve also incorporated a few house chores in his daily schedules. It’s important that he learns to do things around the house.

  1. Prepare fun merienda breaks
Prepared with Tang Distance learning

Kids need to recharge thus a few minutes break or recess is important so that they can rest their minds and eyes and re-energize.

A healthy merienda and of course, a refreshing drink like TANG is a must so that when kids go back to the class, they feel refreshed and more alive!

Prepared with Tang Distance learning

TANG is made up of 100% Vitamin C and real fruit which is perfect for a quick refreshing break. To make it more exciting, moms can spruce the merienda menu with special treats when kids do well in their classes and mix it with healthy food like fruits. Add in a game or two to double up the fun!

Distance learning is a unique experience for each and every mom and child pairing. There will be struggles to get the groove, but the fun lies in how it is a more personalized and engaging experience. TANG, in partnership with, is here to keep moms company on their distance learning journey.

For moms who missed out on the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning, you can still check it out here: And for more tips and insights to make distance learning more fun and exciting with TANG, visit

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  1. merrynell serrano says:

    Favorite din ng kids ko ang tang mamu , orange and manggo flavor πŸ˜‹

    1. kami yang apple and melon πŸ™‚

  2. sosingerica says:

    Thanks for sharing some tips mamu. Malaking tulong po tlaga etong mag tips po na eto lalo na po na lahat po tayo mag adjust sa distance learning or homeschooling. Kelangan po tlaga na meron silang comfortable place na pag aaralan, na kahit sa bahay Lang po meron silang activities na mag enjoy sila. At bigyan sila ng sarap at mag eenjoy sila na merienda. 😊

    1. parang mas gusto ko pa nga ang set-up now eh kesa pag nasa real school. πŸ™‚

      1. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

        Masarap talaga ang Tang juice ipartner pa natin sa Activity or bonding time ng buong pamilya nakakarefresh talaga at ang favorite naming flavor ay pineapple

  3. Lyka Mitra says:

    Salamat po sa mga tips para sa online schooling dahil papalapit na po ang pasukan kaya need po talaga.. at syempre masarap mag aral with Tang.. nakakarefresh po..

    1. mag-prepare na habang wala pang pasukan para hindi masyadong ngarag pag game na πŸ™‚

      1. MA D EL says:

        Thank you for these tips mamu,sobrang big help Po Lalo na ngayong new normal syempre Po maninibago Ang mga kids natin.Thank you sa Tang Philippines dahil Ang laki Ng part nito sa distance learning.

  4. Michelle Anne Tumulak says:

    Wow! Thankyou for the tips Mamu!gaganahan talaga mag aral mga kiddos natin pag Tang Orange ang kanilang juice for merienda 😍 fave namin orange mango πŸ’—

  5. Bessie Ramos says:

    Be more creative 😍 masarap tlaga ang tang kasama sa pagaaral lalo na at homeschool sila . Marerefresh sila . Tang dalandan ang fav. Ko sa flavor nila

    1. masarap ba? hindi ba maasim? di ko pa yata na-try yun hahaha

      1. Dhel Manog says:

        Salamat sa mga tips momsh ,sobrang laking tulong netong ngayong new normal distance learning tayo.Masarap talagang kasama ang Tang juice sa meryendahan,yong mga kids ko ko favorite flavor nyan orange,pineapple at strawberry.

  6. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Wow thank you sa magandang tips na to gagawin ko to pag nag start na ang homeschooling ng anak ko

  7. jelhocabtalansanchez says:

    Ngayon online schooling na Yan ang juice na gusto Ng anak ko hehe Mapa orange or pineapple, pampagana Rin sa TANGhalian,πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Rosebel S. De Vera says:

      Thanks po sa mga tips mamu.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ malaking bagay din tong mga tips n binibigay nio. Samahan ntin ng tang juice habang cla aii nag aaral.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

      1. Apple Chick says:

        Since its quarantine indulge yourself drinking TANG with family habang nanonood ng TV. The more magkasama the happier. Since baby pa ang anak ko mga pamangkin ko dito samin madami at lapit na mag start ang homeschooling nila If I have an extra I’ll buy them para enjoy sila mag relax drinking Tang habang nag aaral.

  8. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Super sarap ng tang. Parang natural fruit juice lang.. best partner din habang nag aaral ang mga bata para mafreshen up sila..

  9. Jeng Manalo says:

    Thank you for sharing this helpful tips to us mamu, maiaapply talaga namin to pag nagsimula na ang distance learning dito sa amin.Comportable place para makapagfocus sa pag aaral, schedules para maging routine, exrcise para hindi lagi sa gadget nakatingin at maging malakas ang pangangatawan, para di maboring need maging creative and last syempre ang pinakagusto nila prepared a glass of tang! Favorite namin ang orange at pineapple

  10. Rosebel S. De Vera says:

    Sarapp bata pa kmii Tang n tlga.. kaya unb mga anak ko po super bet ang tang mango at pineapple 😍

  11. Chan Jen Clemente says:

    mula pagkabata love na namin ang Tang. i love apple and four seasons flavor. Goodluck kay Zeekee mamu sa kanyang distance learning journey. sana mas madali sya maka cope up.

  12. Perfect to drink favorite talaga ng mga junakis ko to all flavor’s is yummy ! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  13. Marites Gatchalian Co says:

    Perfect drink ng mga junakis ko ang Tang juice lalo na ang apple at dalandan

  14. Cheene Ann Magcamit Fedelin says:

    Our all-time favorite. ❀

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