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Clean Home, Clean Planet with Unilever “Linis Pilipinas” up to 50% OFF on Shopee!

To help our planet survive, we, the inhabitants must learn ways and work towards a clean future by using products that are environmental-friendly and of course learn how to reuse or recycle those that are non-biodegradable.

If you haven’t done anything yet to help, here’s a small step that I’m sure can kickstart your journey to living an eco-friendly lifestyle!

A few sample items that you can use to clean your homes and help our planet are these Unilever products on Shopee with ongoing advocacy – Unilever’s “Linis Pilipinas” Super Brand Day on Shopee this June 11-12. These homecare essentials have enviro-friendly packaging plus you can also learn about how you can recycle your used plastic bottles, and support Shopee Bayanihan partners who work towards a clean future for our nation. You no longer have to worry about using plastic or non-biodegradable ingredients because all are formulated with biodegradable cleaning agents and bottles are made with 100% recycled plastics!

Here are some planet-friendlier products from Unilever:

Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent Pouch

Surf Unilever Linis Pilipinas on Shopee

As a mom, I always make a WAIS decision especially when it comes to my family and the products we use. This Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent with Active Clean Technology is honestly, one of the laundry detergents I use even before and more so now that it has ACTIVE CLEAN TECHNOLOGY.

It makes my laundry more fragrant and white clothes, truly whiter plus it’s more affordable! Can be used for handwashing whites and colored clothes.

Breeze Laundry Liquid Detergent Power Machine Pouch

Breeze Unilever Linis Pilipinas on Shopee

This Breeze Laundry Liquid Detergent Power Machine has stain action bula that even a small amount can definitely remove stubborn stains and dirt with its ULTRACLEAN CONCENTRATE formulation!

Proven effective so many times, even those stinky clothes will smell so good after washing. Best used for top load washing machines, and does not leave any leftover residue on clothes and your machine!

Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Classic Bottle

Domex Unilever Linis Pilipinas on Shopee

Oh, I so love using any Domex product because they do leave my house super clean and disinfected. With this ultra-thick bleach, it whitens stubborn stains on the floor and back to its whitey glory and it does kill germs and even crawling insects, too!

What I also love about this product is that it’s made with 100% recycled plastic, so perfectly safe to use and buy with the planet’s protection in mind.

The LINIS PILIPINAS initiative brings to life Unilever’s global Clean Future strategy, with local programs revolving around transforming Unilever’s Home Care brands and products to become good for the home, kind to the people and the planet, all powered by purpose and innovation.

Unilever Linis Pilipinas Super Brand Day on Shopee

This June 11-12, let’s all strive to achieve a Clean Home, Clean Planet with Unilever’s Linis Pilipinas Super Brand Day on Shopee! Here’s what users can look forward to:

1) Special offers on your homecare needs, now made more planet-friendly

  • Greater savings with up to 50% off and exclusive bundles from Surf, Breeze, and Domex
  • 100% paper-based inner wraps for orders placed on Jun 11-12 (Applicable for low-risk, non-glass items only)
  • Free gifts with a min spend: Free Toilet Brush, min spend 499 on Domex, Free Cleaning Gloves, min spend 599, Free Laundry Basket, min spend 699

2) With Unilever’s Misis Walastik plastic exchange program, learn how you can start taking steps to live more sustainably by returning your used bottles, sachets, and pouches for recycling

  • Kolek, Kilo, Kita: Drop your flexible plastic waste to your nearest Unilever Walastik Hub and collect cash incentives for every kilo of accepted waste

3) Support the Linis Pilipinas advocacy by donating to these Shopee Bayanihan partners:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • World Vision
  • Good Neighbors Philippines
  • GMA Kapuso Foundation

If you need bang-for-the-buck but sustainable home care products, just head over now to the Unilever’s “Linis Pilipinas” Super Brand Day on Shopee and clean your home while helping clean the planet!

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