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The TV and Z

My youngest recently had another accident and this time involved was our television. The last time he had an accident was when he was I think 2, when he placed his knuckles on a steaming hot rice cooker. The burnt skin was first degree and since then he stayed away whenever we say, “it’s hot”.

He was just playing “school”.. All of a sudden, the big TV came down on him.

One Proud Momma

There was no way I could have reached him that fast so I can sway him out of danger. Things happened so quick and all I was able to do was run and rescue him. I was just a few feet away, I think about 2. I saw him lying down on the floor, crying at the top of his lungs and the TV was above him! Gosh, the only thing that crossed my mind was to pull him up to safety. But that was wrong. I should’ve quickly checked the situation before I removed him or the TV. His feet might be trapped or any part of his lower extremities or that he was injured and that would have caused further damage. But, I admit… I panicked 🙁 I swished the tv onto the other side and I didn’t care if it gets/was damaged. So long as it’s not on top of him!

Half of his body and head was under the tv and he could have been squashed! But the thing was, since I pulled him out without thinking straight, it was easy and he was standing in no time..but still crying..

What bothered me, well not exactly bothered but I was and still am wondering, how on Earth did his stuff toy Tiger, the soft cover of one of his toy boxes and a book got under him so fast that it protected his head from crashing on the floor? Also, how did the container that holds his other toys which were a few feet away suddenly appeared to catch the fallen tv thus preventing the weight of the tv to fall on my son? The unit fell exactly slanted above him which made room enough to save my son’s whole body and head from being squashed.

I checked and pressed every part of his body thinking there might be some broken bones or a gash that needs immediate medical attention, but the only thing he got was a bump on the right side of his forehead and just below his right eye.

One Proud Momma

He’s so scared of hospitals, doctors wearing “white robes” and nurses wearing nurse uniform after a scary week in the nearest hospital just 2 weeks ago. He kept saying ” I don’t want to go to the doctor”. And now this has happened, another trauma for him. I haven’t seen him go near the tv since it happened yesterday.

Since I was young, I am aware that there are entities living in our house. But so far, they haven’t done anything scary nor show their presence to me. But they have already saved my eldest son and me countless times from accidents. When my firstborn was just a few months old, he fell from our bed. He was indeed on the floor! When I saw him, he was still sound asleep and lying on my big pillow. There wasn’t any pillows there, all were on the bed. So, how did it get there? I have an idea though and your guess is right…

I, too, have my own unforgettable experience with this house and it’s quite memorable. My eldest (still a baby at that time) and I were still sleeping. It was already morning but I was up all night so I was tired and very sleepy. Then I heard someone constantly shouting my name. I thought it was just a dream, but when I opened my eyes, I can still hear my name. So, I stood up, only to see that there were already a lot of smoke coming from the kitchen. I hurriedly went there to check and I saw that the maid forgot to switch off the burner thus heating up the frying pan. Good thing I was awoken by that call or the house would have been on fire and us burned with it.

I appreciate their protection and for not being visible to me. But there are a few people already including my eldest and his cousin who saw an old white haired man peeking or waving at them. When we made them describe the old guy, the description fits my grandpa who died in 1993 and in this house.

I also believe in guardian angels and I know that even I, at this age, have my own and they have been around to protect us from whatever bad things and have been keeping them at bay. But most of all, I believe in God. He has bestowed me my precious angels and has been helping me for 42 years. Thank you, Lord, for the never ending protection and for sending your angels (including the entities in this house) to keep us safe always.

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