Connecting a Giving Spirit to Your Christian Faith

Christians know the Bible features numerous examples of Jesus Christ being immersed in the community and often communing with shunned people, such as tax collectors, prostitutes, and lepers. Many of them often feel that being a Christian involves doing what they can to enrich lives. By doing so, they naturally become witnesses for Christ by living out biblical teachings.

If you’re curious about putting your faith into action by doing good things for others, there are many ways to get involved. Some don’t even require leaving home.

Volunteer at Your Church
People often attend their churches week after week and never stop to think about all the hard work that goes into getting the building ready for visitors, making sure the musicians sound great, and that there are enough refreshments on hand to encourage fellowship after service. Members of congregations feel compelled to volunteer for a wide variety of reasons and typically notice meaningful benefits from their actions.

Ehsan Bayat Foundation

Being a church volunteer could boost your self-esteem, broaden your perspectives, and increase your generosity, among other things. You’ll also likely feel a greater sense of connection with fellow attendees by giving your time and lending a hand. Consider pitching in to do the jobs other people avoid, such as cleaning the bathrooms or tidying up the nursery. Then, your impact will be especially obvious and appreciated.

Host Social Nights in Your Home
In the book of Genesis, the Lord said it isn’t good for man to be alone. You’ve probably read that passage hundreds of times or more but may not have applied it to your life by thinking about what you could do to ensure no one you know feels lonely.

Many churches host large-scale movie nights featuring big screens, popcorn, and sometimes even cast members from the respective films. You could do something similar by planning a movie night in your living room. Pre-planned discussion questions might spark conversations afterward, too. Alternatively, people love free food. A themed dinner is an excellent way for attendees to get to know one another in a relaxed setting.

Regardless of the type of event you choose, be as inclusive as possible and don’t only invite people who share your religious beliefs. Pay special attention to marginalized groups in your community, such as elderly and disabled individuals. Their circumstances may make them less likely to receive invitations to nearby events.

Contribute to Worthy Causes
It’s invariably heartwarming when people enjoy success in the business world and use their influence to get aligned with charitable foundations. Such is the case with Ehsan Bayat, a businessman in the communications sector who helped establish the first and largest mobile phone company in Afghanistan.

Ehsan Bayat Foundation

Outside of the business world, he’s the chairman of the Bayat Foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of all Afghan people through water projects, health facilities, education, and more. You may not ever visit Afghanistan or know anyone from the country, but you’re probably aware of the nation’s struggles due to frequent news coverage in the Western world.

In the Bible, it says that Christians stand out by showing love for others. Giving money to a cause, whether it’s the Bayat Foundation or another organization that catches your attention, is a practical way to help others from wherever you are.

Many charitable groups allow interested persons to contribute online so that there is no need to send things through the mail or cell phone numbers. Donate any amount you wish in the privacy of your home and rest assured you’re providing much-needed support.

These are just a few ways you can be an uplifting force for others without overlooking your Christian faith. By trying one of the suggestions — or all three — you’ll likely find your faith develops more than imagined.

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