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World Sleep Day: How to Get the Proper and Better ZZZ’s #SleepwellwithUratex

I’ve had insomnia since high school and the only times I was able to sleep early was when I was pregnant. After giving birth, it was back to normal and made worse with, you know, baby always crying in the night, had to feed and change nappies etc. I did research about the sleep disorder but at that time, can’t do much. I also found out after giving birth to my youngest child that I had Hyperthyroidism which was the cause of my sleep problems.

Sleep Deprivation Caused by HyperThyroidism

To cut the story short, I went to my Endocrinologist, was given anti-thyroid medications and underwent a Radioactive Iodine Treatment. You can read it all HERE.

But apart from being treated, I also changed my pillows, just those coz that time we already bought a new mattress. Through the years, I have been using Uratex Pillows. I found their pillows really cuddly and helps make me sleep comfortably without any neck pains in the morning.

I use the Uratex Hydragel as the head pillow and the Uratex Soft Escape as my cuddle pillow for almost two years now. Honestly, I have been getting better zzz’s ever since!

Uratex World Sleep Day Uratex Pillows

But, did you know that sleep deprivation is a major concern in the Philippines? Yes! Especially when call centers started sprouting like mushrooms a decade ago! It has become a major national matter that sleep experts came together to swiftly address sleep problem issues. The Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine (PSSM) comprised of physicians, and sleep doctors, the World Sleep Society, an association of sleep specialists focused on advancing sleep health worldwide by encouraging education and promoting sleep-focused research and Uratex, The Sleep Specialist, the leading manufacturer of innovative sleep solutions, have been constantly tackling the problems.

Uratex World Sleep Day

Recently, an event was held to further promote the campaign and was geared towards the “World Sleep Day” which is today, March 16th, in fact. These names have been proactive in furthering sleep education and awareness in the country. This month, they came together once more for World Sleep Day, an annual event that celebrates sleep importance and tackles issues like better sleep education.

True enough, getting proper zzz’s is something most of us often take for granted. A shocking worldwide statistic has ranked the Philippines as the fifth country with the worst sleepers, with individuals getting an average of only six hours and 22 minutes of sleep. Sleep deprivation in the country affects about 50 million Filipinos, making the problem a national issue.

Regular loss of proper sleep can lead to circadian rhythm disorders. The circadian rhythm is a term that refers to a person’s internal body clock that regulates the 24-hour cycle of biological processes. It’s the body’s very own timer that triggers the body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. For adults, a dip in energy commonly occurs in the middle of the night and after lunch time. Noticeable big dips on this routine commonly mean that an individual is sleep-deprived and is not getting enough rest.

Uratex World Sleep Day

Circadian rhythm disorders happen when there is a mismatch on the internal body clock due to the continuous disruption of sleep patterns. One of the most common disorders falling in this category is delayed sleep, which causes a person to feel tired at a later time than the usual. Individuals with this kind of disorder are the night owls or those who feel more productive, alert, and creative late at night.

The opposite of this is advanced sleep phase disorder which is characterized by regular early bedtimes (6PM to 9PM), a habit that is very common among the elderly. In the Philippines, however, one very common sleep problem is shift work disorder caused by irregular sleeping patterns from night shifts. Common among business processing outsource (call center) employees, the disorder arises when the circadian rhythm cannot properly adjust to changing sleep patterns. Shift work disorder can often lead to problems like excessive sleepiness and insomnia.

Uratex World Sleep Day

But what makes a good sleep? According to the World Association of Sleep Medicine, there are a number of ways one can do to improve their sleeping patterns. The following are tips you can follow:

1. Refraining from using your bed for regular activities (e.g. eating, working, etc.)
2. Avoiding intake of caffeine six hours before bedtime.
3. Eating a light meal for dinner.
4. Limiting naps to not more than 45 minutes.
5. Creating a comfortable sleeping environment (using the right mattress and bedding, keeping the room dark and well-ventilated).

I haven’t been following Rule no. 4 because I sometimes over-extend nap time for more than 45 minutes to actually 2 hours hahaha.. Gotta change this habit or I’ll be back to square one!

So, this World Sleep Day, make sure to start and follow the simple rules above to get better and proper ZZZ’s and use mattresses and pillows which can help with achieving that. #SleepwellwithUratex

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