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Panasonic 100 Years of ‪#‎QualityAirForLife‬ New Airconditioners

“A Better Life, A Better World” – that’s the global slogan of Panasonic Corporation and imagine, they’ve been around for a century already! A 100 years of reliability, comfort, diversity, and innovations and they will continue to be a household name for life!

Panasonic Corporation 100 Years Quality Air For Life

Recently, they launched the #QualityAirForLife window-type air conditioners Inverter and split-type air conditioners with Nanoe Technology with Pure Energy savings. With that amazing feature in mind, the most suitable brand ambassador, of course, is none other than Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano with his daughter Kiana.

Panasonic 100 Years of ‪#‎QualityAirForLife‬ Mr. Gary Valenciano and Kiana Valenciano

“These new models of Panasonic Air Conditioners really make homes comfortable and care for the people living in it. It is important for us to stay healthy so that we can continue to take care of our family,” shares Gary Valenciano, endorser of Panasonic Appliances.

Panasonic’s new window-type Air Conditioners boast of Pure Energy savings Inverter and practical features such as sleep mode, power mode, and anti-bacterial filter.

Panasonic’s new Sky Series split-type air conditioner features its most advanced purification system—the Nanoe technology, which deodorizes, inhibits bacteria and viruses, removes dust, and purifies the room even though the cooling operation is turned off. Aside from assuring clean air for fresher and cleaner living space, the new model also has healthy airflow using Sky Wing – the unique top flap design for better comfort. Lastly, this new model has Panasonic’s pioneering Inverter technology which creates greater efficiency for better energy savings.

Panasonic 100 Years of ‪#‎QualityAirForLife Sky Series split-type Air Conditioners

The whole family has asthma and the kids mostly stay at home because they are homeschooled. Our home must be allergen-virus-bacteria free or these will definitely trigger an attack so we can’t have poor air quality at home.

Here are a few tips on how to better indoor air:

1. Clean the floors
Floors accumulate dirt and may harbor allergens and bacteria that have entered your home. Vacuuming removes accumulated pollutants while mopping takes care of the dust that is left behind. Also, simply having a doormat lessens the chances of outdoor dirt coming into your home.

2. Get some greens
Indoor plants do not only beautify the home but these also help purify the air. Aside from providing oxygen, these greens also absorb toxins.

3. Find the source of the smell
Our nose tells us when a room is clean. And though lemon, pine, or lavender scents may instantly make your house smell clean, these may only mask the odors. Finding the source of the odor and getting rid of it is vital.

4. Control humidity
Having a moist environment could encourage the growth of dust, mites, and other allergens. A healthy level is between 30-50%. For enclosed spaces, using an Air
Conditioner reduces indoor air moisture while also controlling the presence of allergens.

5. Be smart in choosing your Air Conditioners
Some Air Conditioners simply cool the home while some do more than that. Panasonic recently released new models of Air Conditioners that provide total air solutions. Its new window type model features Panasonic’s Pure Energy Savings Inverter that could bring amazing savings with exceptional cooling performance. This model also has a sleep mode, powerful mode, and anti-bacterial filter feature.

Panasonic 100 Years of ‪#‎QualityAirForLife window-type Inverter Air Conditioners

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About Panasonic

Panasonic was founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita. Taking to heart people’s desires to live life ever more comfortably, he worked day and night to develop a wide variety of innovative new products. That year, Panasonic introduced an improved attachment plug, which allowed people to power an electrical appliance from a light socket.
By offering better products at reasonable prices, the company began making its contribution to society. Since then, the world has greatly changed, but Panasonic’s principles have not. Today, we express those principles with the words, “A Better Life, A Better World.”
Panasonic began exporting its products in 1931 and was proactive in establishing a presence overseas. Today, Panasonic consumer electronics are offered through 172 locations in 37 countries and territories. Listening to the voice of the customer in each market, Panasonic has worked constantly to create products that make life better for all people, no matter where they live.
And now, Panasonic is celebrating its 100 years. To address the changing times, Panasonic continues to develop the products of the future worldwide.

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