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Kick-off #ShopeePH99SuperShoppingDay with Action-Packed Deals from IDA Wallpaper, Mini Home, and Hawaii Home

If there’s one most fave I super love doing, it’s shopping online hahaha especially if it’s for the home and family. So, when I discovered awesome shops with great designs, styles, and of course, perks and discounts, what do you expect, I wasn’t able to resist hahaha… So, just imagine how many items I have in my cart right now and all I need to do is check out and wait for the deliveries!

Just so you have an idea of some of the things you can buy this #ShopeePH99SuperShoppingDay, read the entire post. Just click the photos if you wanna view the items.

IDA Wallpaper European Floral Design

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day IDA Wallpaper European Floral Design

It’s funny coz I have had this exact wallpaper in my cart for a very long time and now I can finally buy it coz hubby already agreed to install it hahaha

I love the floral print and it’s actually easy to install coz you don’t need any tools and that it’s self-adhesive.

IDA Wallpaper 3D Foam Bricks

IDA Wallpaper 3D Foam Bricks

This 3D foam is a perfect accent for your home and there are various colors to choose from! Its’ also non-toxic and odor-free, so you can use this in your kid’s room.

What I liked about it is that it’s lifelike with natural brick pattern effect so it will look like a real wall. A perfect accent to your living or any part of your home.

Mini Home Textiles Ultra Soft Rugs

Mini Home Textiles Ultra Soft Rugs

I am so getting one of these in my fave purple color, of course hehehe. First thing I look for a carpet is if it’s easy to clean lol. And it is! Plus it has a different bottom design made non-slip so it’s safe even in the kid’s room.

The material is of Polypropylene Fiber Surface, made in high-quality and only enviro-friendly dyes used.

I’ve read the reviews and they’re mostly positive saying that it’s soft and they love it!

Mini Home Textiles 3 in 1 Double Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Mini Home Textiles 3 in 1 Double Cotton Bed Sheet Set

When it comes to beddings and especially affordable but really high-quality ones, I’m all in. I can never have enough lol. This already includes the bed sheet and 2 pillow cases. The material is 80% Cotton 20% Polyester so it’s soft and comfy.

Check it out by clicking the photo for other designs.

Double Layer Glass Mug

Double Layer Glass Mug

If you like your coffee really steaming hot, these are the mugs for you! It’s made of BOROSILICATE GLASS which is double walled and heat resistant. But can also be used for cold drinks. Best of all, it’s a hand-blown so no two are alike!

Can also be given as a gift or have it personalized by a third-party for an any occasion gift!

Food Storage Sealed Airtight Jar Spice Container Bottle Dispensers

Airtight Jar Spice Container Bottle Dispensers

If you’re an organized person or would just love to see your condiments, snacks, and whatever that can fit, these air-tight sealed jars in different sizes will definitely have a space in your home!

The bamboo cover makes it a really nice kitchen decor filled with colourful contents! Plus, it’s easy to clean, too!

Again, the above are just an example of what’s instore for you this Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day! Enjoy Dynamic, Action-Packed deals from IDA Wallpaper, Mini Home, and Hawaii Home with perks and discounts waiting for you!

Shopee kicks off highly-anticipated, action-packed, bigger than ever shopping season with Shopee Superstar Jackie Chan and irresistible deals such as Free Shipping, 20% Cashback, and Php 1 Deals this 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Shopee has been my one-stop-shop for home and living deals and believe me, I saved a lot of money coz there’s never-ending discount vouchers, free shipping and more!

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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