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Imperial Homes and Connovate Philippines Unveiled Low-Cost Solar-Powered Houses That Will Last 100 Years!

A solar-powered, quality low-cost house that can last a hundred years?! Adding solar panels alone will cost a fortune, plus the fact that the house must have tough and high-quality housing materials for it to last that long! Is this even possible? The answer is a big Y-E-S! Find out how Imperial Lifetime Homes & Connovate Philippines successfully achieved it!

Imperial Lifetime Homes & Connovate Philippines Unveiled Low-Cost Houses That Will Last 100 Years

Connovate Philippines Inc. and Imperial Homes Corp are making history in the Philippine real estate scene as the first adopter of Connovate in the country. Connovate, a construction breakthrough from Denmark, is a high-performance concrete building technology that offers less carbon footprint, 100 years material lifespan, fast construction, and insulation abilities, among other innovative features.

Imperial Lifetime Homes

They recently unveiled the country’s first lifetime home and its second generation of solar-powered low-cost housing, the Imperial Lifetime Homes. It’s not just solar-powered. It’s built to last a lifetime!

Boasting of 100 years material lifespan and solar power solutions, Imperial Lifetime Homes is not only a first in the country but also in the world. This budget-friendly and sustainable housing line are making its debut at Via Verde Subdivision in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Imperial Home Corp. is taking it further by combining Connovate with solar power solutions, which the company is already known for. As a result, the company is elevating lives of low-income Filipinos with globally recognized and certified homes built with imported technologies.

Imperial Lifetime Homes

The automated Danish factory for Connovate, located in Silang, Cavite, has a full capacity of two houses per day production. As a result, it now has a Philippine record of the fastest developer with the installation of 6 ground floor units a day.

The panels are produced with less cement since cement production accounts for 5% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Add to that the fact that the panels can last a lifetime. Therefore, Connovate lessens the need for cement production to rebuild a structure after 30 years, unlike non-Connovate developments. As a result, Connovate reduces the carbon footprint for developers.

“Each Connovate home can save up to 4.4 tons of CO2 emissions per 100 years. Connovate Philippines and Imperial Homes Corp. are the only companies in the country who are able to do this unprecedented move,” says Engr. Ramir Padilla, President of Connovate Philippines.

Slim, compact and light-weight, the panels have the strength of 14,000 psi, can withstand up to 1,000-degree heat, and are resistant to molds, pests, and deterioration. It is scalable to all building types and has insulation features, which make the panels perfect for different residential or commercial structures.

Connovate can also help prevent potential health problems caused by mold formation in ordinary homes. Unlike regular hollow blocks that have micro holes, each Connovate panel has a smooth surface and is made of non-porous materials to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria, which can cause health risks.

Imperial Lifetime Homes

An Eco-Friendly “Pamana” Home

The Imperial Lifetime Homes line redefines green homes with 100 years material lifespan on the panel system. The panels have the strength of 14,000 psi, can withstand up to 1,000-degree heat, and are resistant to molds, pests, and deterioration. Since they are fast to build and assemble, it enables short construction time.

Because of its 100 years material lifespan, the value of the homes will be three times more than non-lifetime homes due to lesser cost in the renovation. From an affordable price ranging from P1.6 million to P1.9 million, an Imperial Lifetime Home is projected to increase in value at P7.5 million in 30 years compared to non-lifetime homes, which will have a projected value of P4.2 million. Refurbishment costs are also lowered by 166% in 30 years.

Since the home can be passed on from one generation to another, an Imperial Lifetime Home valued at less than P2 million today is seen to have a ‘pamana’ value of P95 million to P110 million in 100 years compared to non-lifetime homes, which will be worth around P39 million.

We were truly amazed when Connovate Philippines showed us a video on how they speedily but safely construct a house with ready-made panels. Watch this video and find out how and what the new owners are raving about!

“The second-generation solar-powered home helps in mitigating climate change since the production of the concrete panels uses less cement, reducing CO2 emissions. Imperial Homes Corp. is the first developer to do this in the country,” says Emma Imperial.

Every Imperial Lifetime Home helps reduce CO2 emissions by up to 4.4 tons per 100 years. Since it’s combined with solar solutions that help avoid up to 120 tons of CO2 emissions per 100 years, the home can reduce up to 124.4 tons of CO2 emissions per 100 years.

The Imperial Lifetime Home can help lower electricity bills through the solar panels installed on the roof. In fact, Imperial Homes Corp. is a recipient of EDGE or Excellence in Design and for Greater Efficiencies after passing the global standard for green building.

Homeowners can enjoy big savings on refurbishments with the panels’ high-quality surfaces, robustness, and durability that can last for generations. The panels are also made of non-porous materials that can help reduce health risks caused by molds formation, which is a major concern in an ordinary home. This makes Imperial Lifetime Home a healthy home like no other.

“Big savings on electricity. Big savings on refurbishments. Big savings from a healthy home. Imperial Lifetime Homes provide better home investment opportunities for low-income Filipinos with world-class green homes that can last a lifetime. This marks the beginning of a new era in low-cost housing in the Philippines,” says Emma Imperial.

Imperial Lifetime Homes - Emma Imperial

If you are looking for a low-cost house or is into investing and willing to live far from the bustling city, check out Imperial Lifetime Homes located at Via Verde in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. It’s only a 30-minute to 1-hour drive from Metro Manila, an eco-friendly home that’s great for the whole family or for those who are just starting out. I’ve seen the interior of their model house and it’s cozy and energy-efficient. Perfect for a small family but there is ample space for another room just in case you want to extend via the dirty kitchen portion. The subdivision is fairly new but given a few more years and when people realize that this is a great investment, I’m sure it would be quick for the companies to build new “green homes”. 🙂

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