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Storage Solutions for a Small Bathroom

There’s no denying it: our bathroom looks at its best when it’s clean, tidy and organised – the key to keeping it that way is clever storage solutions.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be an ugly bathroom, some of the best designs I have seen in recent times have been smaller rooms. And the one thing that all of these beautiful small bathroom designs have in common is that they have made the most of the space they have. A good storage solution is as stylish as it is practical.

Below I have dished up a selection of my favourite small bathroom storage solutions and dig into why each idea is worth inclusion in your small bathroom.

Combination Unit

Combination units are perfect for small bathrooms because they combine 3 essential bathroom fixtures into one compact unit. Combination units typically consist of a back-to-wall WC, a bathroom storage cabinet and integrated basin. The bathroom cabinet is also usually designed so it can sit either side of the toilet for ease of use. Combination units are a stylish solution that works well in either cloakroom and downstairs bathrooms.


2-In-1 Combination Toilet & Basin

2-in-1 toilet and basin combination units are a relatively new innovation in bathroom design. These revolutionary units actually include a wash basin right on top of the toilet cistern allowing for both toilet and basin to sit within the silhouette of a standard sized toilet. These super-compact designs are now allowing homeowners to design bathrooms in spaces where it wasn’t previously thought possible.


Another advantage of these 2-in-1 units is that they’re eco-friendly. The wastewater from the basin is re-used in the toilet cistern so these units actually recycle water which is better for the environment and the health of the planet.

Mirrored Cabinet


Mirrored cabinets are another clever small bathroom storage idea that combines more than one use in a single fixture. Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes; mirrored cabinets are perfect for keeping your bathroom essentials to hand when you’re getting ready to leave the house. Another advantage to these stylish units is that they allow you to store items out of the reach of small children, making them a lot safer for small family bathrooms.

Wall Mounted Vanity Unit

Wall mounted vanity units are a bathroom design idea that has really taken off in recent times. These super-stylish bathroom fixtures have become popular because they allow you to combine your basin and storage cabinet into an all-in-one unit. Wall hung units, in particular, have become very popular because they keep the unit off the floor which frees up the footprint of the room which in turn makes the room appear larger.

The popularity of wall hung vanity units has resulted in more and more styles becoming available in the UK. Whether you are planning a grey, white, modern or traditional space; you are sure to find a wall hung unit that will complement your new room.

Floating Shelf


Using one or more floating shelves is a great storage idea for small bathrooms. These bracket-less designs are placed on exposed screws so giving the appearance of floating on the wall. Floating shelves are perfect for storing and displaying your favourite bathroom ornaments and another advantage is that they take your attention off the floor which can help to make a room appear larger than it actually is.

Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are bang-on-trend in bathroom design right now. A ladder shelf is essentially a wooden ladder that features broad steps on which you can store and display bathroom accessories like towels, personal cleaning products, and bathroom ornaments. Ladder shelves are available in a good selection of styles that could complement either a modern or traditional bathroom design.

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