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Calpol: Take Action and Manage Dengue! ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

I’m scared of Dengue fever. My kids have never suffered from any dengue strains and I pray to God that it will not happen to them nor to anyone else. It’s one of those things that make me panic and be utterly stressed whenever any in the family has high grade fever or any of the known symptoms. Any parent would feel the same way too. Makes me so scared so I take every necessary precautions. That’s why I am a proud ally against dengue!

Calpol: Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

It was such an honor to be included in the recent DOH & Calpol Philippines #AlliedAgainstDengue event. I feel that though I know a lot about Dengue, it’s highly important for me to know more and be updated.

Ms. Heather Pelier, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare discussed about the dengue crisis in the Philippines. It was kinda shocking because after all the efforts the DOH and local government as well as some private companies had put into Dengue awareness, the reported cases in 2015 still went up to +60%!

Calpol: Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

“Dengue is rife in the Philippines and unless we join forces, the disease will become the fastest spreading health threat the country. GSK was motivated to initiate Allied Against Dengue as we were concerned of the escalating hazard and effects of dengue on the nation including our employees and their families who have experienced the dreaded disease.” – said Ms. Pelier

These companies namely the Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines, Inc., Mercury Drug Corporation,, CNN Philippines and the Department of Health (DOH) teamed up to raise more awareness against dengue, to reach out and help more people.

Calpol: Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

The movement aims to lead change and create bigger impact to society through collaborative partnerships with the DOH, private institutions, healthcare providers, media influencers and community leaders. GSK together with the other coalition partners activate the ambitious roadmap that the movement has set out to achieve it’s goal of reducing the burden of dengue on society through empowerment and education.

The coalition strategy will include the following:

* Distribution of 50,000 DOH primers to at least 5 public schools in dengue hotspots in Metro Manila
* Distribution of 15,000 leaflets to 1,000 pediatricians and general practitioners
* Education of proper dengue fever prevention and management to 20 health centers for Barangay outreach programs
* Implementations of Continuous Pharmacy Education Program in identified chapters, targeting 200 pharmacists
* Education and recruitment of at least 1000 Allies Against Dengue through employee engagement, online and ground activations.

Initiatives such as “train the trainer programs” and organized information centers will soon roll-out.

Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy talked about the participation of the local government in the fight against dengue. I didn’t know that more than 100 countries live in dengue endemic regions thus half of the worlds population is thereby affected.

Calpol: Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

A mother who’s daughter was stricken with the dengue virus shared her experiences and knowledge. Dr. Sally Gatchalian, shared “The everyday Filipino’s guide to Dengue”. The increasing health problems, how the Aedes mosquito grow and live, how we can help fight against the disease, and many more.

Calpol: Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

Again, I thought I knew a lot, but my eyes were opened to new information that will greatly help me and my family as well as share it to other people in my community.

Jolina Magdangal-Escueta Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

And who could influence more people than a TV personality and also a young mom in the person of Ms. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta. The fact that she’s also now a parent, she’s perfect for the role of an online/offline influencer because a lot of people know her and is credible.

Jolina Magdangal-Escueta Take Action and Manage Dengue!  ‪#‎AlliedAgainstDengue‬

I’m with her all the way as well as the companies and DOH involved in this campaign. I will be a responsible and effective ally against dengue. I want a clean community and clean living to ward off the Dengue virus. I want my children to live in an environment free from dengue carrying mosquitoes as well as harmful diseases. I want to be free from being scared! I am proud to be an ally against dengue!

I hope my dear readers will also join the campaign because we live in one world and we want our home planet to be rid of dengue causing diseases. Take part, take action and manage Dengue!

Allied Against Dengue

Founded in 2015, galvanises all forces and efforts to unite, take action and defeat dengue in Southeast Asia. An open movement, consists of like-minded leaders who aim to empower healthcare providers, organises and communities; and reduce the impact of dengue in the nation.The movement is also active in Indonesia and Malaysia.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

One of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. For further info, please visit

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