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Simple Gift Ideas for Mom

Choosing gifts for your mother is not an easy task to do. When we decide to buy a present, we cannot be 100 percent sure that she will really appreciate it or not. How will you know what she’ll appreciate? You are either a single mother yourself, you asked one what she could really use, or read on. A little bit of knowledge in this area goes a long way.

Here are the things that you SHOULD NOT DO:

  • Don’t buy expensive things for her because you think she may like them. You think she’ll appreciate it because it’s expensive and that she can’t afford to buy it. That’s not right thinking! She may accept and thank you for the gift and that may be a genuine one BUT she may have thought that instead of buying that uber outrageous expensive jewelry, she’d think that you could have just given the same amount of money so she can pay the bills.If she’s a single mom, no job or salary isn’t that great, she’d definitely appreciate money more than material things. This way, you will somehow ease the burden on her shoulder. OR you can baby sit for a few hours, that is if you don’t have the means to give her any money or gift.
  • Buy something YOU LIKE. Sometimes, daughters tend to miss the idea that it’s their mothers that should receive and use the gifts. I have a girl friend who buys her mom tons of gifts but then eventually, all those she will use. It’s like this, she bought her mom a stunning summer dress, but she liked it also. So, instead of buying two of the same item, she just gave it to her mom with the intentions of borrowing it at another time and for a different occasion. This is so wrong! Your mom might not like the idea of her being seen by friends wearing the same dress her daughter wore a week ago. What would her friends think of her? Get my drift?

What you SHOULD DO:

  • Pay her bills. If your mom lives separately from you, then as mentioned above, paying her bills would make her happy.
  • Get her Car Wash Coupons! This would lessen her expenses for the following months. OR, you could do it yourself. This is a great way to bond with her too!
  • Pick up your siblings in school, babysit them for a few hours, take them to the park or a dinner and a movie. By doing that, you are giving your mom her much needed space.
  • Gift Flowers

  • Buy her more flowers for her garden. If she’s into gardening, she’d definitely want colourful flowers added to her collection of pots. If you are in Denver but doesn’t have time to go to a flower shop, then an online flowers delivery in Denver is the answer! Your mom knows that flowers in Denver are beautiful, so she’ll definitely be all smiles once she gets it.
  • Do her grocery for her and add some more to it. She can do something else like relax and chill while you do the grocery. Then, think of things she needs in the kitchen and add it as another present for her.
  • Do her laundry. She did yours when you were little up until you graduated in high school. It’s time to return the deed.

There are a lot of simple things that can represent as your gifts. With mothers, it doesn’t have to be material things. My kids usually gives me tiny presents such as art works they did in school, home made cards, helping me with the household chores and many more. These things put a smile on my face and warms my heart. Life is easier when I’m happy and contented.

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  1. Nice suggestions, although I have to admit I’m quite shocked about you not recommending to buy something expensive for moms simply because they would feel that it’s a waste and they should have just been given the money instead. I have yet to meet a woman that would not want fancy things. I’m sorry, but to say that a mom would not appreciate expensive stuff and would rather feel guilty and would make you feel that you should have spent it elsewhere is bogus.

  2. Hi Adele! There was a situation presented such as the living expenses of a single mom or a mom who lives alone. It’s true that MOST moms would like to receive at one time or another, expensive gifts from their loved ones. But, based on the situation, would you be happy thinking that you have given an extravagant gift to your mom while she is pressed with the incoming bills that need to be paid or else she will sleep in the dark or won’t have anything to eat the next day?

    I, myself, would want an expensive jewelry as a gift. But, I can’t wear that always. If I am in the same situation as what I had posted, that jewelry can’t pay the bills or feed me, oh well, unless I sell or pawn them. But then, my son/daughter/relative would be fussing mad at me for even thinking about selling/pawning it coz it was a gift from him/her. That’s why, in a mother’s point of view, I guess in any situation they are currently in, expensive gifts are welcome, but, cash would be greatly appreciated.

    I dunno if you are already a mom, but, in this world we live in and in these trying times, except of course, if a mom is already filthy rich, I bet she would be happy with the money. Just my opinion though πŸ™‚

  3. sigrid @lovingmama says:

    My mom is not rich but she kinda like receiving money in the sense maybe that it gives her the freedom to spend it in whatever way she wants. But I would like them (my parents) to have good health so I buy them milk and supplements instead because I know they will not buy it even if u give them money. I leave it to my brother to give them money. LOL

  4. we each have our own little and big ways and in your case sis, milk and vitamins.. my siblings and I take turns in giving “the gifts”. Sometimes, it’s my turn to give money, the next something they wish to have, and so on.. It’s just a matter of making them happy and well taken cared of.. Thanks sis!

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