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Safeguard Celebrated World Health Day via Health Watch

Safeguard celebrated World Health Day last April 7th and launched Health Watch a day before. It’s actually a series of lectures given by a representative from the Philippine Red Cross, mainly focusing on how we can help keep our families healthy. As our moms used to say when we were young – “Cleanliness starts at home”.

Safeguard Celebrated World Health Day via Health Watch

Some of my mommy blogger friends were in attendance and I can honestly say that we truly learned a lot! Good thing I brought my youngest son because he seemed very interested and learned quite a lot too!

One good topic was the content of your First Aid Kit – we may have our own sets but check the image below as I’m sure one or many items are missing. It was stressed that each and every item is important as these are the tools that can help save a life, lessen an injury, or prevent one from happening.


Every year, World Health Day is a reminder that health should come first. While every mom continues to think about health, the fact remains that there is still so much more that can be done to improve the health of every family and the nation.

In the first Health Watch lecture among mommy bloggers, UNICEF shared figures about the State of Filipino Children’s Health. According to a report entitled “A Decade of Tracking Progress for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Survival” conducted in 2015, the Philippines is among 26 countries which have contributed to 80% of global deaths of children under 5 years old.


A report by A Promise Renewed cited that 3 out of 100 children under 5 years old in the Philippines die due to neonatal health conditions (45%), pneumonia (18%), and diarrhea (7%). As any mom would know, any child’s death is one death too many – particularly when some of these deadly diseases are easily prevented through the simple act of handwashing. Handwashing with soap and water helps reduce the incidence of diarrhea among children by up to 50% and respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia by up to 25%. Among infants, handwashing has also helped reduce infections, which constitute 16% of neonatal conditions.


Procter & Gamble, through Safeguard, partners with UNICEF to address this problem by implementing its Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) Program, which includes health and hygiene education among children.

Beyond this program and to help reduce the incidences of deadly diseases, Safeguard also recognizes the importance of health in the context of everyday activities at home. On World Health Day, Safeguard emphasizes that proper hygiene every day also plays an important role in keeping families healthy.

This part my son greatly enjoyed watching because he learned how to properly wash his hands. I always tell him to not hurry and wash properly but he keeps saying – “My hands are clean”. So, after this portion, he smiled and I said – “I told you so, lol”.


Proper sanitation is equally important among moms as the First Aiders before treating their children’s minor burns and wounds. Parents must be aware that the first important step is washing their hands before treating their children. Washing the wound with soap and water for 5 minutes also greatly reduces the chance of infection, tetanus, scarring, and tattooing of the skin from dirt left in the wound.

At the first Health Watch lecture, Safeguard taught mothers about First Aid basics, including proper wound care, in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). According to the PRC, the simple act of washing a wound with soap has been beneficial in reducing infections among children, infections which could eventually develop to more serious diseases. Wounds are often the primary entry point of germs and bacteria, thus, wound care is considered a crucial step in disease prevention.



Whether it’s a serious disease like diarrhea on everyday complaint like a new wound from playing outdoors, moms always have to be on alert to keep their family protected. The trusted name in family germ protection, Safeguard is moms’ partner in health.

On World Health Day and beyond, Safeguard puts your family’s health first.

For 50 years, Safeguard continues to be committed to promoting health and hygiene, making the brand synonymous with family germ protection. Consistent with this mission, Safeguard understands that mothers strive to keep their family healthy by staying updated on current healthcare issues.

50 years of protection, 50 years of Safeguard.

Health comes first!

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About UNICEF Philippines

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UNICEF Philippines has more than 60 people working to promote and protect the rights of children. We aim to provide the best quality of life for every Filipino child through programmes that help them survive and flourish.
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