Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee

Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee – Be Slim yet Healthy This Summer!

I gained so much weight while pregnant with my youngest. Soon as my milk stopped which was 3 months after I gave birth, I tried a few detox coffee brands. Believe me, it was a huge challenge to lose the excess fat and before I started the diet, I was at my heaviest 187 lbs or almost 85 kilos! To date, I’m at 67 kilos and need to lose some more weight.

Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee was given to me last December and I was only able to try it after the holidays. You know, the holiday season wasn’t the perfect time to detox and diet lol. Honestly, I wasn’t even able to take down notes on any progress since I started this January. I was all busy playing polskie kasyna online, lol. My weight had been like a see-saw with buffets here and there as the culprit. My gosh, I love to eat and so far, it’s doing me no good in the health and weight loss departments. So sad ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, before I feel sad again about my failure to totally detox and eventually lose weight by using Gluta Lipo, here are some important facts on the product that you should know before trying it out.

Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee

What is Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee?

“It is proudly Philippine-made with some all-natural safe and effective local and imported ingredients under The Gluta Spa Company.

It contains 12 natural, effective, safe, and side-effect-free main ingredients which are very valuable for slimming, whitening, and glowing skin plus antioxidant health benefits to prevent diseases such as cancer and delay signs of aging.

Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee1

It detoxifies and cleanses the body, especially the colon or big intestine, and removes unnecessary waste and toxins leading to a smaller and more toned tummy.”

Benefits of Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee

Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee4

What makes it different from the others I’ve tried is the inclusion of Glutathione and Collagen and these ingredients are very timely because well, I’m turning 50 in a few days and I need all the help I can get to stay young! Hahaha…

The first cup of coffee sent me to the comfort room an hour later but the immediate effects depend on your body. OMG! It was a total relief coz I felt like I emptied all those waste and my tummy felt so clean and relieved as well hahaha…

Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee

The second and third cups I drank before I went to bed at night and will still help me detoxify the next morning. The next ones will just maintain a clean colon, not as much waste as the first few cups but now those anti-aging, whitening, slimming, and other things that this Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee promises will work best.

I noticed just a slight decrease in weight as well as tummy size plus not-so-obvious love handles now. If only I can drink this every single day without the worry of an accidental trip to the nearby comfort room while covering an event hahaha… But, at least I’m losing some of the bulges, I feel more energized, not that hungry on days I drank a cup and my tummy approves!

You can read more reviews and positive feedback on the Gluta LIPO Detox Coffee Facebook page at You can also order from their website –

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  1. Love Compoc says:

    mahirap ang accidental banyo trips Momsh hehe, i remember trying diff brand but same effect when i was working . Tagaktak pawis ko sa Mrt haha. Nice ng product na to kasi i gained weight too after giving birth kay 3rd. Yun nga lang, i am still breastfeeding. Salamat sa share momsh.

  2. Is this safe for bfeeding monthers

    1. Rosiel Bogรฑalos says:

      Wow galing naman, I will recommend this sa mga friends ko. Thanks po sa info. Safe po ba ito sa breastfeeding mom’s?

  3. I once used this product .. effective siya … NG dahil sa quarantine na stop ako sa paggamit !!!

  4. Mildred says:

    Yay,parang gusto q itry to,pag iponan q nga.

  5. jennifer sarno cruz says:

    wow hluta lipo detox coffee really saves the day, they got all that we need we can enjoy our coffee with added benefits.

  6. Ge Marzon says:

    Coffe with health benefits โคโ˜•
    love to try this mamu,Thanks for sharing

  7. Ge Marzon says:

    Galing naman ng kape na to nakapag kape kana naging healthy ka pa โ˜•โค

  8. chengbroquiza says:

    I am a coffee addict at the same time I want to loose my weight after giving birth po Kasi to my youngest child tlagang nag gain ako Ng weight. I think this Gluta Lipo Detox coffee is perfect for me. I can’t skip my coffee time routine at the same time mababawasan timbang ko po? nice idea. Thank for sharing po Mamu. Godbless po. ?

  9. Rose Bunani says:

    Wow ang galing naman nyan mamu, pero hindi sya safe lalot pag mabilis ang metabolism hehe mahirap pag nasa labas ka, nagdadrive biglang nakaramdam ng kakaiba sa tyan pero okay yan mamu sa mga nagpapasexy at nagbabawas timbang ??โคโค?

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