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Music Related Gifts for Your Teenagers

It’s not just their birthdays that you can give your teens gifts of a lifetime, well let’s just say for that year. It can also be when they hit their goals in school or managed to become responsible adults. There are actually lots of occasions and celebrations, just as long as it’s within your long list of “matured tasks”.

So, to give you some ideas on what type of gifts you can give for those “coming to maturity moments”, read on below:

  • An iPod or any MP3 gadgets – teens love to listen to their fave music anywhere and anytime. Their tasks can be easily and happily accomplished when their ears are hooked up with earphones. They won’t even notice time passing by.
  • A not so expensive Android phone – this could really mess up their studies but it’s up to you to monitor and control their usage. They will be ecstatic because they can download videos and movies on it.
  • Concert Tickets – I’m sure they’d be jumping for joy and kiss you non-stop when you get them seats to their fave group’s concert – One Direction or any bands.
  • Guitars

  • Musical instruments – Teens these days are mostly music enthusiasts and would want to belong to their school’s group band. So, giving them Music Man Guitars at music123, would keep them away from school fights and drugs.

There are other things which you can give them and it depends on what they are wishing for. These things can help them stay focused on their target goals and be obedient to their parents.

It’s not bad to satisfy their wants and needs from time to time, just make sure they won’t abuse your gifts and to use them wisely.

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  1. Great ideas. I’ve done these with my teens and it worked out great for us. Thanks for the post.

  2. I give iTunes gift cards to several teenagers and they love them. Music, games, movies….it’s theirs to do what they want.

  3. Widyaning Ambarwati says:

    The ways to bring teenager closer to music, great idea!

  4. Maria Iemma says:

    I agree with your ideas, teenagers are always listening to music and would appreciate the gifts.

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