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The Power of Music

Our weekends are usually full of fun and learning. When we’re not scheduled to go to the mall, hubby starts the morning by playing his fave songs on his lappy, the kids are singing and dancing along and I, sing and dance while typing on my desktop’s keyboard. We’re happy this way, simple yet the bonding helps keep the family intact.

The Power of Music

My kids are oh so crazy these days with the Gangnam Style song, which I really don’t have any idea what it’s all about, until my hubby sets the joyful mood with this first song. Kids went wild, grabbed their guitars and drums, the house full of noises every corner, lol.Β  I’m always all smiles when they are so elated.

Such great way to exercise too! Dancing can also make you lose those unwanted pounds. Oh, you bet I’m exercising though I’m sitting in front of my computer, lol. I swing my legs from left to right, this goes the same with my arms. Feet tapping on the floor while vocalizing on what’s being played. I twist and turn too, good thing my computer chair swings along hahaha..

So much laughter in here today, if you don’t know us, you’ll probably think we are one crazy family. Ah, the power of music! I really don’t want this feeling of happiness to end. Here I am, wishing that all week will be like this, but of course, we have other things to prioritize, lol

It’s just that when the whole family are enjoying the company, nothing else seems to matter. Music is fun more so if it’s being played by your kids. I know the little one will take out his own guitar later and will play endlessly.Β  Lest he remembers something he wants from the nearby mall, a musicman guitar at musicians friend, then he’ll for sure, let out a tantrum, gosh..

Music is all around us every single day. My 5 year old won’t be able to sleep unless I sing to him his fave lullaby. The eldest has to listen to his MP3, also to help him to sleep. I sing when I’m in the shower, lol.

Bonding in a “musical way” has been part of our family’s weekend event since forever. Even if we have other plans for the weekend, hubby still plays his cds to perk up our morning, you know, to start the day in a brighter mood.

If your life is lonely and sad, why don’t you listen to some music, it will soothe your aching heart, as well as your body, mind and soul.


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  1. lisa says:

    Music is so important.My daughter was singing songs before speaking full sentences.

  2. Kelly Faber says:

    Music definitely makes the world go round! I love singing to my son and I know when he is older he will sing back with me πŸ™‚ Music helps me get through each and every day!

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