Common Mistakes PhD Writers Should Avoid

Dissertations are understandably held to higher standards than your average essay, so it’s extremely important that these papers are flawless. Not only are PhD writers held to higher standards, but dissertations are completely different in structure and form and have a different purpose than your average essay. Dissertations also reflect the writer’s own research and findings, so it’s extremely important that he or she presents comprehensive results in a tone that’s confident, instructional, and informative. With so much ground to be covered in one paper, the writer still can’t avoid the nuances that the dissertation is designed to address or make any grammatical errors. The following list highlights several common mistakes found in dissertations.

1.     Many students fail to compare the results of their studies to current findings. These can assist students in analyzing their own research and data more accurately and proficiently.

2.     Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Many students believe that because they are writing a dissertation, the research material that they cover in their paper should be overwhelmingly complex. It is more important to fully comprehend the area of study you are concentrating on than to stumble over data you don’t completely understand.

3.     Don’t spread yourself too thin. Many students attempt to incorporate comprehensive yet varied information and materials into their work but fail to tie everything together in the critical analysis section of their paper. Students should instead focus only on data and materials that are directly significant to the dissertation.

4.     Don’t over complicate choosing a topic for your dissertation. Your topic should fulfill two criteria: it should be interesting and easy to research.

5.     Talk about what you know- not what you don’t know. Many students focus too much of their dissertations on subjects they are not aware of rather than on focusing on the ones they do know. Students are thus unable to conduct in-depth analysis on subjects they’re unfamiliar with, the most critical aspect of a dissertation.

6.     Don’t forget to proofread. Don’t let your paper be rejected based on a few typos!

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