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Celebrations are Over, Diet is a Must

Now that the birthdays and anniversaries are over, it’s time to get back on the track – Diet, lol. I’ve been eating so much unhealthy food these past few months due to those celebrations and in between, that my body is now complaining. I’m heavier and gone fatter than required, so before I go back for a check up with the doc, I need to be somehow fit and a little thinner,lol.

Birthday Cake

The anniversary was last July and the birthdays, this August and 2nd week of September. I guess, I have to start the shoved diet plan again and lose those tons of pounds I gained over the last 3 months. Been having some problems with my feet lately coz of the added weight plus I have Diabetes, so I really have to do something.

You know, when there’s a kiddie birthday, there’s always spaghetti, cakes and ice cream, right? Those are my faves! Just imagine how much carb intake during those occasions! and imagine my dilemma now on how to shed off the extra pounds hahaha

Anyway, the Christmas season isn’t until after November, so I still have 2 and a half months to work on it and I’m praying to be fit and slim before my high school reunion. *crossing fingers*

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  1. md kennedy says:

    I know it is so hard to get re-motivated to get back on a diet. My husband is always saying he’ll lose more weight “after…..”, “when…..starts/happens.” Arrggh!

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