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Fujidenzo Premium Home Appliances Now in the Market

Fujidenzo has come a long way and although there are many home appliances in the market, a lot of people choose the brand because of its affordability yet with high-quality standards and durability. Recently launched is the latest addition to its product portfolio – the Fujidenzo premium home appliances category which includes different styles of refrigerators, fully automatic HD Inverter washers, the Fit ‘n’ Go Slow Juicers and an Automatic Voltage Regulator. With this new line of products, the Filipinos quality of life will be upgraded yet won’t put a hole in their wallets.

“Over the years, Fujidenzo has been one of the country’s leading marketers of quality home and commercial appliances. Our brand’s commitment of “Quality Above All” reflects in our products and after-sales service, and has been instrumental in upgrading the quality of life of Filipinos,” said Adrian Jasper Sioco, Marketing Director of Fujidenzo Appliances.

Fujidenzo Premium Refrigerators

Refrigerators in this category come in different styles such as Side by Side, Multi-Door, and Bottom Mount configurations. All equipped with Heavy Duty (HD) Inverter Technology to assure you of maximum energy efficiency, these no-frost refrigerators also showcase a variety of innovative features and elegant designs like silver glass door finish, high-grade stainless steel, or black premium steel doors.

Fujidenzo HD Inverter Washer

Meanwhile, the line of fully automatic washers boasts of the exclusive Variable Water Pressure Technology which allows them to function even with very little water pressure. Available in 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 10.5kg capacities, users from areas suffering from water scarcity can finally enjoy the convenience of having a fully automatic HD Inverter washer with low water and energy consumption.

For those who want to live a healthier lifestyle, the new Fujidenzo Fit ‘n’ Go Slow Juicers have made this journey simpler. With a super slow speed of 45rpm for maximum juicing performance, this allows you to get the most from your fruits and vegetables. Nutrient retention is also very high since the entire process produces less heat and friction.

Fujidenzo Fit N Go Slow Juicers and Automatic Voltage Regulator

Finally, to ensure that all your appliances are protected from power surges and fluctuations commonly experienced in our country, Fujidenzo has also come out with an Automatic Voltage Regulator. Available in 1,500VA and 2,000VA capacities, it is equipped with a 100% copper motor and Servo motor control that enables it to properly capture and regulate power fluctuations. These AVRs are also equipped with an Overvoltage Protection feature which assures you that your appliances will always be safe in the event of a dangerous power surge.

Fujidenzo Premium Home Appliances

For the complete Fujidenzo Premium Home Appliances product features and more photos, you may check here.

So if you’re ready to upgrade the quality of your life, Fujidenzo products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies with the support of over 250 service centers nationwide, you can also drop by their showrooms in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, and Iloilo or visit their official website at www.fujidenzo.com.

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