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General Gifts For The Woman You Love

Your lady love will be celebrating her birthday in a few days and you can’t seem to find something that she would really love and appreciate. She once said that she doesn’t want extravagant gifts but something simple yet practical. So, here you are, at a loss, because you don’t have any idea at all. In fact, you’re getting anxious already and you don’t want to ruin her day by giving something that will secretly go to the trash after you leave.

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This article will give you tips on what to give, the basics yet generally accepted by most women. Gifts that won’t go directly to the garbage bin as soon as you walk out the door. Things that symbolizes your eternal love and one that would be cherished and remembered, well, until next year πŸ™‚

  • Jewelry – The ultimate gift that most women accepts without batting an eyelash! Just so you know, there’s a saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” BUT, if you’re kinda tight on the budget, you could ask a close friend what your girl friend or wife fancies when it comes to jewelry. Might be that she most love diamonds but then also wears other precious gem stones or trendy accessories. Find out what her collection of accessories are and see if you can get something similar with a different colour she likes. If it’s a bling and in a style and colour she favors, she’ll most probably wear instantly.
  • Jewelry Gem Stones

  • Electronic Gadgets – Nowadays, almost every one has a mobile phone. If your girl has the most advanced cellular phone then give her an iPad 3 or any popular tablet in the market. I bet she will be jumping for joy once she opens your gift! Though you need to ask her a few questions about the gadget she wants and play along and don’t let it be too obvious.
  • Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy Note

  • Gift Certificates – Instead of giving cash for shopping, give GCs to her fave clothing store. Of course, don’t give her a GC amount that won’t suffice for even the lowest priced item there. She’d be furious if she will have to shell out more money than your GC.
  • Clothing – You and your wife were in a mall store a few weeks ago and she tried on this beautiful off shoulder blouse. She said she liked it so much but would rather not buy it or the budget will be ruined. You know her birthday is comingΒ  up and you saved money for a gift. Then buy that blouse! At least you’re sure she’d love to have it!
  • Perfume

  • Perfume – This gift is a bit tricky but still one of the most well-accepted presents. You need to know the brand and the scent. What you have to do is check her perfume collection. You, of all people,Β  would know which one she frequently wears and that means she loves that one most.
  • Flowers and Chocolates

  • Flowers and Chocolates – These may be the most common gifts given to a girl but still well-accepted. Flowers symbolize romance and Chocolates, of happiness. Who wouldn’t want to get these combination? If you are really on a strict budget, then give your wife or girlfriend her favorite flowers and chocolates.

Here’s a personal tip and I’m sure it will work on your end too. If you are pressed for time and don’t have the luxury to go to the mall, jewelry store or flower shop, all you need to do is check the internet for the nearest branch to you, check the site’s authenticity, order online and it will be delivered to your door! My husband, who is a very busy man and doesn’t want to make me mad on occasions where gifts are necessary, usually shops online.

There are plenty of online shops that offer personalized gifts or even just flowers and chocolates. If you are looking for something special that would make the dinner date more romantic, then, Gifts for her from interflora will be perfect! They also offer Interflora thank you gifts, in case you need one.

I believe that if a woman truly loves her man, no matter how inexpensive the gift is, as the saying goes – “it’s the thought that counts”. I do love receiving gifts but I don’t want my husband to worry later on when the monthly budget suffers.. He gives whenever he can and I understand when he can’t. Love doesn’t revolve in material things, so I can also do without. πŸ™‚

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  1. md Kennedy says:

    I am not much of a “thing” person so none of these really fit the bill as gifts for me. I would treasure instead the money being set aside for future trip!

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