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The Village Playgroup

My little one is already going to school and he’s just 3 1/2 years old. There were so much fuss last June and I’ve forgotten to post my son’s first day experience. He was also hospitalized last month for severe bacterial infection, so I kinda floated into oblivion.

The Village PlaygroupCredit: The Village Playgroup


Anyway, this post is about The Village Playgroup and my kids. I’m so fond of this school coz of the support and love theyΒ  showed my eldest and now extending to my youngest. By the way, my son A (his nickname initial), at 11 is now in 1st year high school, was taught by the very same teacher as Z’s and we’ll call her Teacher A . He started at a very young age of 2 1/2 (I think,lol) and graduated earlier than expected coz he was accelerated to Grade 1 and didn’t go through Prep.

Now it’s Z’sΒ  (my youngest) turn and I’m confident that the teachers can handle my hyperactive son. Barely a month and a half in school and his vocabulary has improved and can now communicate in full sentences. Before, when he doesn’t know the right words to say, he replaced it with gibberish language. We’ve also seen some progress in his writing and reading skills.

One Proud Momma

My hubby, was at first hesitant when I told him that I’d be enrolling Z in school this year. But he totally understood the reasons I gave him so he finally agreed.,lol. I thought Z can already handle school and can easily fit in with the other kids. True enough, on his first day, just a few minutes after I left him inside, I saw him intently listening to his teacher. He felt at home right away, lol… That’s him wearing green shirt and shorts πŸ™‚

The Village Playgroup

I’ve seen how this school and the teachers took care of their students way back in 2003 up until my son A graduated. There was a time when Teacher A even visited the therapy clinic where my eldest used to have his OT and PT. Why? Coz she wanted to have further knowledge on my son’s special conditions. She used the information and incorporated it in his lessons. Some schools don’t exert much effort once the child has gone home from the class. But, the teacher went extra miles so she can further help my son while in her care.

The love and concern didn’t end when he graduated in Preschool. We have witnessed countless times when we needed prayers and financial help when he was operated on his spine. The Village Playgroup was there and gave us a lending hand. In fact, the school where my eldest go to now, also plays a major part in his life and has helped us too, but that’s for another post πŸ™‚

It wasn’t easy to look for schools within our area that can accommodate special kids. More so when there’s no special class dedicated solely for these kids. Teacher A and her assistant teachers studied SPED so they can properly teach and handle such kids. Though the special ones and the regular kiddos were in the same class,Β  there were no problems at all. I don’t know how they did that, but I’m sure the experience of being with normal kids made my son realize that he’s also a normal kid in many aspects.

I know that my baby Z is in good hands. The Village Playgroup has been around for I think almost 10 years now. From a small class room to bigger grounds. Z is always eager to wake up in the morning though his classes are only 3 times a week. He’s so full of stories when he comes home and I know that he’s very much enjoying his stay with that school.

If you are near my area, you’d maybe like to check on their website and see what they can offer you and your child. The Curriculum is based on your child’s age and Teacher A is very accommodating. I’m sure she’ll be able to answer all questions pertaining to your child’s educational needs.

Overall, the whole family is P-R-O-U-D! My eldest would not have turned up an intelligent young man, if it weren’t for the guidance during his formative years. We’re also lucky that we have found another school where he continued to excel in Grade School and I hope until he finishes High School. It really pays to have schools that can make all your efforts not go to waste. Both foundations have been vital instruments in A’s personality.

Z, on the other hand, is just starting to experience and enjoy school. But, we are not worried coz he too, will end up to be like his “kuya”, a smart and God-fearing kiddo. Soon, he’ll turn 4 and by that time, he’ll learn about his own individuality. That means only one thing –Β  he is no longer a baby πŸ™‚


This is not a paid post/article. We really love this school and the people behind it πŸ™‚

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