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Internet as a Research Source – Pros and Cons

Researching can be a time consuming task, whether it be for a news article, school term paper, or simply general interest. The internet has become an obvious and easy way when doing research of any kind. If you are looking for current events, a recent tragedy, showbiz personalities or juicy news, you won’t have trouble finding it because many search results will be presented to you in relation to your query.


The Internet is a powerful tool, it has lots of advantages and disadvantages to the user. A student looking for information with his school essay writing project can easily do his research via the internet and if things are getting impossible to finish, there is always someone online who can help. If you are not familiar with online help pertaining to research and term papers, you may click here to see what I’m talking about.

Here are some of the benefits that the Internet offers:

  • You can access new and valuable information in a click of a mouse.
  • It’s an easier medium than reading standard traditional newspapers, magazines and the likes. More so if you want to read international news and happenings, they now have electronic versions of their printed news.
  • There are an estimated 800 million pages of information via the internet, so whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll find it online.
  • You can join discussions, groups and make your voice and opinions heard.
  • Even the most unusual or uncommon data is stored in the net. You’d be amazed at the details you’d learn that you thought never existed
  • Library books are being digitized or recreated as electronic versions, even personal and public government, embassies, consulate files are now available online
  • Your search queries on Google or any search engine will take just a few seconds.
  • You can find not just text information but also those that are converted via multimedia such as graphics, video and audio
  • Supporting data can be hyperlinked so your readers can easily click on it

The Downside:

  • Diversity of information. The internet is a vast collection of anything that one can create or upload. From personal information, press releases, advertisements, scams and even scientific reports. These can be falsified information, scammy advertisements or blatant attack on something or someone too. Thus, it makes it difficult at times to weed out true and proper information.
  • Limitations with search engines. As more and more people are creating web pages, searching for the RIGHT INFORMATION can be difficult. You might have to search several pages of your query before you can finally find what you are REALLY looking for. Spammy websites has been created to be on top of the Google search results for a particular keyword, this in turn makes it hard coz you have to check it one by one to get to the real deal.
  • Lack of context. Because search engines will return just a single page from a multipage document, you can miss the larger context from which that information was derived.
  • Lack of permanence. Web pages are notoriously unstable. They appear, move, and disappear regularly. This can be of particular concern for academic researchers, who need to cite a stable page for reference purposes.
  • Selectivity of coverage. Despite the size of the Internet, the vast majority of the world’s knowledge still resides in print. So a search for information on the Internet in no way represents a comprehensive search of the world’s literature or knowledge.

There are information on the net that is “off-limits” to search engines. These off-limit sites include those that are accessible only to those who register, input a password, or pay a subscription fee. These include most of the major commercial fee-based databases and online services that have a presence on the Web (e.g., Dialog, LexisNexis). Other “off-limit” sites include newspapers that require subscriptions or registration, professional association members-only sites, and so forth.

In all, one can see that researching on the internet can be a blessing or an impediment for good research results. But doing some research on the internet can, at least, provide a good foundation for your researching endeavors.

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