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Finding the Right Speakers for your iPod

Nowadays, you can throw a party anywhere as long as you have an iPod and a set of iPod speakers. They are so tiny, yet they can boom the bass and shake up the place.


iPod speakers are either portable, which you can carry around, or home models, which you cannot carry around because of some restrictions like, it is bigger and heavier and is therefore not handy, and it is not battery operated and work only when plugged into an electrical outlet.

The portable models are battery operated and has a size just slightly larger than iPod Nano and some weighs only half an ounce! Although portable iPod speakers offer sound better than most computer speakers, it can’t compete with the home only or standalone iPod speakers that can produce louder, crisper, and more booming sound, for these iPod speakers get their power directly from an electrical outlet that gives much energy compared to a low voltage battery.

Here are some tips when looking for an iPod speaker:

  • it must have a slot which will serve as a hub
  • some have an Aux in port
  • can run either on AC power or long life/ rechargeable batteries
  • there are speakers where you can cradle or dock your iPod
  • low wattage consumption but can still produce at least a decent sound
  • has variety of colour choices
  • weighs lightly or the same as your gadget

There are a wide array of iPod speakers and you can even buy it online. Just make sure that the site is legit and won’t run with your hard earned money. In choosing speakers, you have to test it with your gadget. This way, you get to hear the actual deal.

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