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Step Up and Be Known!

Window shopping is really fun more so if you have funds to shell out after checking the store windows while saying, “I’d like to get one of those and one of these etc”.  Been awhile since I said that to a sales clerk, heck, not even to myself! ahahaha. Being a mom has its perks but shopping for something that you really wanna get, is kinda like wishing for a trip that may not happen due to financial problems.

So, I was at this store in the nearby mall, trying to stay away from sale items that are really unnecessary. Every time I went in, a sales lady would come up to me and say “try this, it’s our new collection” or ” it’s on a discount”. But, there I was in one of my fave clothing store where I used to buy my tops when I was single.  There’s this shiny top that kept waving at me even from a far. I know it won’t fit me and it’s not something that I would wear and yet, the glitters caught my eye. And so I went in.

I’ve been holding the blouse for a few minutes while groping for the tag price hehehe. I wanna know how much it would cost and if there are sizes that just might make me change my mind ahahaha.. I looked around and there’s this small lady looking at me. I didn’t approach her nor did she. She wasn’t wearing the store’s uniform so I thought she might be just an onlooker and not an employee.  She’s not wearing those simple ID printed on an id card printer nor an ID made from plastic ID card printers so I thought she was just staring at a beautiful lady like me, lol!

So, I looked for another lady who can finally satisfy my curiosity and there was the cashier, just her and no other sales person around. I asked if she has my size in their stockroom and how much would it be. She then gestured to the small lady who’s not wearing the uniform and an ID to check their stocks. I was furious! There she was, just staring at me where as she’s a sales lady! Darn, that pissed me off really! When she finally came back and said no more stocks and that the piece I’m holding was the last one, I hurriedly gave it to her for wasting my time. I mean, she was standing there and staring and she didn’t even budge from her place? Gee, that was a lousy customer service! She should have stepped up, approached me and introduced herself to be known that she can assist me. I know I was rude when I suddenly pushed the top to her chest but I was mad!

Anyway, I contacted a friend of mine who knows the owner of that particular store. I did call and complained and bite me if you think that was unnecessary! hahaha, sorry, this turned out as a rant, begging for your indulgence coz it’s now a long read.. Anyway, the owner reprimanded the “newbie” sales lady but I said not to terminate her as she was just an on the job trainee.

Oh well, I’ve been in the customer service industry for a very long time and I just couldn’t accept why she was just standing and looking.. I just hope that she learned her lessons and not do the same thing again 🙂

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  1. Heather Diotte says:

    I absolutely HATE it when the sales people ‘hound’ you when you enter a store. It almost feels like you are being watched constantly, and expected to buy something! I find this to be VERY uncomfortable and I don’t blame you one bit for being pissed!!

    1. hahaha thanks Heather! That was one of those days when my patience was thin. 🙂

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