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Like any woman, I always enjoy getting all dressed up and glammed out for a night in the town with my husband or friends. Even though I am a mother and I’m not as young as I used to be, it still is important for me to always put my best fashion foot forward. It’s not anymore a matter of vanity, in my opinion, but really more a matter of propriety and etiquette. It’s also basic grooming, right? Part of my routine includes powdering my face and putting on a light coat of lipstick or gloss. This allows me to really feel beautiful despite all the stress and hassles of life. I also go to great lengths to keep my hair well maintained by getting regular trims and color and after treatments.

Part of being a fashionista includes keeping my wardrobe fresh and updated. I do make sure that while I try to keep up with the trend, I still remain age-appropriate with whatever I wear. This is why I try to keep my wardrobe leaning towards the more classic styles that I can just accessorize with whatever is fashionable at the moment. I particularly enjoy looking through online shops that sells accessories like pandora jewelry or browse the photo albums of Facebook sellers so I can see what is the latest trend.

However, more than just the attire, accessories and apparel, I do believe it is our health habits which keeps me looking my best. I try to get enough sleep, squeeze in some light exercises and keep as stress free as possible. I also make sure I get to drink enough water and eat the right food because this translates to a better physique. I try to keep a positive spirit always. Being fashionable, after all, is not limited to just the outside, it is a total package.

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